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June 2015 • Volume 39, Issue 6
    • Subtitle Cover Story
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue Date: June 2015
    Lawyer Norm Keith is 58 and laughs hard when asked about his readiness for retirement. “There’s an old adage that…
    • Subtitle 2015 Canadian Lawyer Legal Fees Survey
    Written by Michael McKiernan
    Issue Date: June 2015
    After years of steady decline, Canadian litigation fees have finally returned to the heights of the pre-global-recession era, but Canadian…
    • Subtitle Legal Report: Insolvency
    Written by Shannon Kari
    Issue Date: June 2015
    The overall financial situation for Target Corp. was relatively positive when it issued its third-quarter results last November. The net…


    • Subtitle Cross Examined
    Written by Janet Guttsman
    Issue Date: June 2015
    Kimberly Murray’s new job is, as she wryly points out, the fifth of 17 recommendations in the 2013 Iacobucci report on First Nations legal issues, and she actually asked the interview panel for assurances that she wasn’t being set up to fail.



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