• Jennifer Brown

    Change is being driven in-house and externally

    Mar 5, 2018

    For the most part, when I talk to general counsel in Canada for stories and at events, they say the majority of the work they send out is still going to a traditional law firm model where lawyers charge by the hour or they have agreed on some special fee arrangements.

    Jennifer Brown
  • Time to prep now for changes to Canadian trademarks laws

    Mar 5, 2018

    Changes offer Canadian applicants access to streamlined foreign filing opportunities.

    Cynthia Rowden
  • Tim Wilbur

    Trudeau’s efforts at justice reform

    Mar 5, 2018

    Has Justin Trudeau followed through on his promises for justice reform? Now that he is more than halfway through his elected term, we decided to give him a report card.

    Tim Wilbur|Editor's Desk
  • Neill May

    Travelling in securities

    Mar 5, 2018

    Not being shy about demonstrating my stunning command of the blindingly obvious, I will share with you the startling insight that cross-border trading and ownership of securities will only continue to increase as markets globalize.

    Neill May|Banking on Corporate
  • Michael Spratt

    More Tasers, more problems?

    Feb 26, 2018

    In December 2017, Ottawa’s Police Services Board approved a $250,000 purchase of 140 conducted energy weapons, more commonly known as Tasers. But, if all police officers have Tasers could they be overused?

    Michael Spratt|The Woodshed
  • Barry Leon

    How to fix court delays: court-facilitated arbitration

    Feb 26, 2018

    For more than a year, prominent Canadian litigators writing for this publication and elsewhere have suggested — wisely — that parties with cases lingering in the courts because of court delays, particularly delays in securing trial dates, should consider moving to arbitration.

    Barry Leon
  • Neill May

    M&A drug wars

    Feb 26, 2018

    With the rapidly growing capitalization of publicly traded marijuana industry companies and the pace of consolidation in that space, a litigated M&A dispute between industry participants was fairly foreseeable.

    Neill May|Banking on Corporate
  • Courtney March

    Making the most of reading week

    Feb 26, 2018

    Just as the winter semester starts to ramp up with group work, midterms, assignments and essays, February brings — and not a moment too soon — reading week.

    Courtney March|Ab Initio
  • Fernando Garcia

    How to thrive as a young lawyer in today’s market

    Feb 20, 2018

    On Feb. 8, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Ontario Bar Association Institute’s Young Lawyers Division. The session was called “How to thrive as a young lawyer in today’s market.”

    Fernando Garcia|In-house Coach
  • Barry Bussey

    What the fuss about ticking a box on the Canada Summer Jobs application is about

    Feb 20, 2018

    When the success of your government grant application depends on agreeing with a government opinion, then there is bound to be a fuss.

    Barry Bussey