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Landmark ruling in libel suit
Law Times
A jury has awarded $650,000 to a director of the Bank of Montreal after finding renowned shareholder rights activist Robert Verdun had defamed him.

In the big chair
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
The June cover story of InHouse looks at the growing number of lawyers turned CEOs, demonstrating that members of the legal profession have what it takes to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

Former escort turns life around to become lawyer
Law Times
One day in January 2004, Kathryn Smithen made the decision to change her life. After 25 years of trouble with the law, including a string of fraud-related convictions and a spell in prison, her daughter had become aware that she was surviving economically as an escort. "Never again," Smithen promised her daughter that day before she set off on the path to a legal career.

Tackling corruption abroad
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Every year, Transparency International puts out a global map of corruption based on a perceptions survey it conducts. Canada shows up on the clean end, placing sixth in the world for low corruption. The problem is many Canadian companies don't do business only in Canada but operate in countries where bribing officials to get an advantage is perceived as a common occurrence. How do they hold on to Canadian values in a place where the business landscape is so different?



Iranian law students, lawyers come together
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Iranian lawyers and law students got together last week for a networking event in downtown Toronto, demonstrating the growing influence of their community within Canada's legal community.

What is a responsible owner?
Law Times
The Ontario Court of Appeal is expected to provide more clarity on the scope of the Crown's forfeiture powers under the Civil Remedies Act in an upcoming case involving claims that a renter used a private residence for a marijuana grow operation.

Youth DNA collection a burning issue
Law Times
There's a good chance that an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling deeming automatic DNA collection for certain youth criminals to be constitutional will go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Trading with procurements
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Free-trade negotiations and implementation often hinge on access to procurements.

Video: Ontario Legal News Update
Law Times
Get the latest news in the Ontario Legal News Update for the week of May 30 with Law Times editor Glenn Kauth.

Lifelong learning
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Perhaps more than any other vocation, law demands lifelong learning from practitioners. Of course, lawyers face similarly unprecedented demands for their time, making it that much more difficult to meet the demand for constant skills retooling.

Ottawa judge Lajoie mourned
Law Times
Justice Richard Lajoie of the Ontario Court of Justice died on May 18 at 62 after an illness. Click
here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

Sponsor Spotlight
The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network presents "LITIGATING FOR CHANGE" - 3RD Symposium on HIV, the Law and Human Rights.
June 9-10, 2011. Featuring a public lecture by Professor Alan Young, Counsel in the Ontario case Bedford v. Canada, a constitutional challenge of prostitution-related provisions of the Criminal Code. The Symposium can be applied towards 9 hours of annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required by the Law Society of Upper Canada.


Pledges and statements don't go far enough
Law Times, editorial
It was good to see major Canadian corporations pronouncing their commitments to promoting diversity in the legal profession recently, but pledges and statements about diversity aren't enough unless they come with a way to enforce them.

When lawyers run the show
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, editorial
The business arena is seeing lawyers increasingly rise through the corporate ranks, past the usual legal advisory roles, and up to the CEO's office. Lawyers are more and more successfully managing businesses across Canada.

The lawyer who cried wolf
Canadian Lawyer, online
I don't wish to be the criminal lawyer who cried wolf. But, I am going to, because I believe we have some good reasons to be worried about our future. I believe that we are currently drowning in the political climate of fear and loathing, writes J.S. Vijaya.

Video: Making Rain - Effective project managment
Canadian Lawyer, online
In this May episode of Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman offers thoughts on how to lead project teams to provide effective and efficient client service.

Severing executive ties
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Preparing a severance package for an executive is one of the most difficult challenges in-house counsel face, especially if the executive has a short period of service. The difficulty is also compounded by the executive's compensation plan, which often includes stock options, shares or bonuses, write Workplace Solutions columnists Malcolm MacKillop and Hendrik Nieuwland.

Protecting IT systems
Law Times
In early April, a few law firms in Toronto had their systems compromised by an overseas hacker. Networks were left open and data was either replaced, modified or, worst of all, stolen, writes IT specialist Nicholas Dewkinandan. Security is a very important aspect of a computer network. Minor instances of security vulnerability can result in a heavy loss of critical data.

Top 25
Top 25 Most Influential
In the second annual Canadian Lawyer Top 25 Most Influential, we gave our readers the chance to suggest who should be recognized and received some excellent responses from across the country. Those responses along with input from our internal panel of editors and writers form the basis for this year's lists of nominees, who span all practice areas and areas of the country. We are really impressed with the calibre and accomplishments of all of the lawyers who have made it into this voting round.

So who do you think are the most influential lawyers in Canada? Click here to have your say. Watch for the final list in the August 2011 issue of Canadian Lawyer. Poll closes June 17.

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