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MAG changes prompt employee dispute
Law Times
The Ontario government is coming under fire for cutting several positions at the Ministry of the Attorney General as its various unions battle over a secret additional wage increase negotiated for some employees only.

Scott warns access to justice is the global warming of the legal profession
Law Times
As far as David Scott is concerned, access to justice is the legal profession's equivalent of global warming. The issue was the subject of the William Howard memorial lecture that Scott delivered at the University of Calgary on Thursday.

Engage the activist
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Is your company ripe for attracting the attentions of a shareholder activist? If you think it is, you might want to think about what can be done to fend one off before trouble starts, said a panel of experts in Toronto last week.



Photo exhibit highlights 25 years of human rights program
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
A young Palestinian boy holds up a tear gas bomb used by the Israeli military on protesters during demonstrations against the occupation. A woman is shown with a tear rolling down her cheek as she tells of her "lost childhood" after she was repeatedly raped during the Rwandan genocide.

Should law bar domestic abusers from inheritance?
Law Times
In 2008, the victim's spouse committed 15 per cent of the solved murders nationwide, according to Statistics Canada. It's a fairly safe bet that the inheritance rights of those perpetrators were terminated, but a Toronto estates lawyer says spouses shouldn't have to commit the ultimate act of violence against their partner in order to get themselves barred from entitlement to an estate.

Michael Bryant leaves Norton Rose to become CEO
Law Times
Former attorney general Michael Bryant has left Norton Rose Canada LLP to become chief executive officer of Humilitus Group Ltd.

Reconfiguring mentorship
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Practices are being implemented to reverse the trend of women leaving the legal field, but the Women's Legal Mentorship Program at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law is convinced that more can be done.

Video: Ontario Legal News Update
Law Times, online
Get the latest news in the Ontario Legal News Update for the week of February 13 with Law Times editor Glenn Kauth.

Binnie honoured by the TLA
Law Times
The Toronto Lawyers Association is awarding retired Supreme Court justice Ian Binnie its 2012 Award of Distinction. Click
here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.



Crunching the numbers at LAO
Law Times, editorial
At a time of stretched government budgets, it's hard to argue against Legal Aid Ontario's move in the past couple of years to dramatically reduce its deficit.

Writing the valuable client letter
Canadian Lawyer, online
Clients have faint understanding of what lawyers do. Clients want to find lawyers' advice useful. Lawyers' correspondence, like a truffle, is valuable not for what it is but for what it does, writes Lee Akazaki, The Accidental Mentor.

Keeping an eye on insurance
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Insurance - getting the right kind, properly fulfilling the associated obligations, and taking advantage of the coverage when it exists - represents an ongoing challenge for companies without a competent insurance expert. It is incumbent on you as an in-house lawyer to become familiar with the company's policies of insurance, writes Cheryl Foy in her Practising In-house column.

Layoffs can trigger common law payoffs
Law Times
Wrongful dismissals come in many forms, including temporary layoffs. In Elsegood v. Cambridge Spring Service (2001) Ltd., the Ontario Court of Appeal examined a novel legal issue of whether common law wrongful dismissal damages are available to employees whose dismissal was triggered by the operation of the Employment Standards Act due to the prolonged layoff, writes Nikolay Chsherbinin in Labour Pains.

The origin of Black History Month and reasons for continuing the celebration
Canadian Lawyer, online
The purpose of Black History Month is to right a wrong; to insert the contributions of black people into our collective consciousness because the white male writers and educators did not include them, writes Sonya Nigam in her Human Rights . . . Here & There column.


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