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Taking a time out
Canadian Lawyer
In an exclusive interview for this month's Canadian Lawyer cover story, retired Supreme Court of Canada justice Louise Charron talks candidly about leaving the top court and why she needs a break from the law. Also watch
Charron's video offering insider tips for lawyers pleading at the appellate level.

Murray Segal leaving public sector
Law Times
Ontario deputy attorney general Murray Segal is leaving the government after 35 years for private practice at Simcoe Chambers in Toronto.

Who are the top Ontario public-sector legal earners?
Law Times
Who earned the most among lawyers working in Ontario's public sector? This year top earner is Ontario Power Generation senior vice president, law and general counsel, David Brennan, who's salary came in at $548,900.04. Find out from the rest from the Sunshine list detailing the names, salaries, and positions of thousands of public-sector employees who earn more than $100,000 per year.

Looking to the future: Canadian Lawyer's Top 10 litigation boutiques
Canadian Lawyer
Canada's litigation boutiques are looking to the future. Finding a firm with the right mix of experienced and emerging talent was a recurring theme in this year's top boutiques search, and some of our winners have been the most successful at striking that balance, proving that succession planning works at firms of all sizes.



Winkler lectures bar about access to justice
Law Times
Ontario's chief justice put the responsibility squarely at the feet of the bar last week in a call on lawyers to do more to address a looming "meltdown in the courts."

Significant tax changes address perceived loopholes
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Corporate tax changes announced by the Conservatives in last week's federal budget will generate some much needed additional revenue for federal coffers, but will surely be unwelcome by foreign multinationals that will see it as an additional tax cost to doing business here.

Intrusion upon seclusion: what's justifiable?
Canadian Lawyer
The new tort of intrusion upon seclusion in Ontario should prompt employers to review their privacy policies.

Picking his battles
Canadian Lawyer
Calgary lawyer Scott Cozens is one of the stars of Canadian Pickers but still maintains a strong litigation and insurance defence practice.

Moot wrap-up
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
The excitement of mooting season has come to an end. And now, instead of practising oral arguments, it's time to hit the books and get ready for exams. In the meantime, 4Students has gathered the results of this year's regional, national, and international competitions.

Lax O'Sullivan


Social equality
Law Times
As the Ontario government released its budget last week, Lawyers for Fair Taxation issued a press release calling on Finance Minister Dwight Duncan to "Tax us. Ontario is worth it."

To bifurcate or not to bifurcate
Law Times
The flexibility of the arbitration process invites parties to split up or bifurcate their cases into parts, ensuring that issues that don't need to go to trial aren't the subject of wasted time and attention.

Video: Ontario Legal News Update
Law Times, online
Get the latest news in the Ontario Legal News Update for the week of April 2 with Law Times staff writer Kendyl Sebesta.

How to become a judge
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
In 2011, eight women were appointed to the federal judiciary compared to 41 men. In response to this discrepancy, the Women's Legal Mentorship Program at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law recently held an event to start the conversation about improving women's standing on the bench.

Mundell Medal recipients announced
Law Times, online
The Ontario government has announced that former Federal Court of Appeal justice Allen Linden and professor Kent Roach are the recipients of the David Walter Mundell Medal. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

Hunter Litigation


Hold off on lawyers' call for tax hikes
Law Times, editorial
As the Ontario government released its austerity-focused budget last week, a few lawyers have come up with a viable solution: raise taxes.

Timing is everything
Canadian Lawyer, editorial
There is one thing that most young female lawyers think about - and it is integral in many cases as to whether they will stay or exit the profession: when is the best time to have a baby?

Self-confidence key to regional firm success
Canadian Lawyer, online
Simon Margolis, managing partner at Vancouver's Bull Housser, discusses the route to succcess for regional firms in this month's Managing Partner Forum.

Absolute privilege not so absolute anymore
Law Times
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word absolute as "having no restriction, exception, or qualification," writes Sunil Mathai in this week's Speaker's Corner.

Time to reform the OAS
Canadian Lawyer
It's time baby boomers stop living off the avails of future generations, writes Jim Middlemiss in his Back Page column. The Harper government's plan to revamp the Old Age Security Act should be cheered by Canadians under 50, of which there are plenty - about 25 million, according to Statistics Canada.

Paliare Roland

Legal Feeds

Legal Feeds BlogCheck out Legal Feeds, the blog of daily Canadian legal news powered by the award-winning editorial team of Law Times and Canadian Lawyer, was named the Best Legal News blog in the 2011 CLawBies awards. Here's a recap of the latest blog posts:

Goldman named general counsel of Skyline

Ontario 2012 budget sets sights on justice sector expenses

Osgoode Hall Law School takes a stand against racism

Canadians' constitutional knowledge lacking: survey

Ontario fastest at granting divorces

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