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Every year, Canadian Lawyer polls practitioners across the country to get benchmarks on the fees charged for services frequently provided to consumers. The annual Legal Fees Survey is our most popular poll and allows us to create a comprehensive picture of average costs for common legal services at both regional and national levels. We took note of a number of the thoughtful comments left by respondents last year and have updated the survey to include a few more questions including one that will allow us to break down results by the size of the community law firms serve.

Friday is the last day to fill in the questionnaire, so please take a few minutes to respond to the questions in your area of practice. As always, results will only be used in the aggregate and no personal information will be identified.

Also to thank readers for participating, you will have a chance to win an Apple TV.

Please click here to take the poll. Survey closes April 13.

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Budget leaves government lawyers 'holding our collective breath'
Law Times, online
The justice system is facing a new round of restraint as the federal government seeks to save $77 million in that area by 2014 and Ontario holds the line on spending in the coming years.

Lawyer in hot water over paralegal's theft

Law Times, online
A Hamilton, Ont., lawyer who worked with former paralegal Shellee Spinks is facing sanction after a Law Society of Upper Canada hearing panel found him guilty of professional misconduct stemming from Spinks' theft of $893,000 from his trust account.

Looking to the future II: Top 5 tax & immigration law boutiques
Canadian Lawyer
Few large law firms place an emphasis on business immigration, which has left plenty of room for boutiques in the marketplace. And tax law is particularly well suited to a boutique environment because the area's reputation for being extremely complicated is well earned. Canadian Lawyer lists our top 5 boutiques in each of the areas of business immigration and tax law.



Register that tune
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Canadian companies have historically relied on unique icons, images, and phrases for brand recognition but now they can add sounds to that list. On March 28, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office published a Practice Notice entitled "Trade-mark consisting of a sound," thus effective immediately, CIPO will accept applications for the registration of sound marks.

Segal eager to join defence firm following 'good run' at AG
Law Times, online
After spending much of his career working behind the scenes, Murray Segal is fine with the fact that most people don't know who he is despite his significant role in shaping the province's court system.

The trick of making private donations work
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Despite efforts to give it away, it seems that no one wants Jim Balsillie's money. In the wake of his failed attempt to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes NHL team, Balsillie has been rejected again - this time by Canadian universities.

FSCO in hot water over mediation delay
Law Times
After years of angst over the backlog in mandatory mediations at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, examinations of the original legislation by both the Superior Court and FSCO's arbitration arm have led to pronouncements that if the mediation hasn't taken place within 60 days, it is deemed to have failed and the parties are free to proceed with litigation or arbitration.

Bereskin & Parr founder dies
Law Times
One of the founders of Bereskin & Parr LLP, Richard Parr, died last week following a battle with Parkinson's disease and other illnesses he lived with for almost 10 years. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.



Making the most of wasted time
Canadian Lawyer, online
Few experiences in a lawyer's work are as infuriating as having your time wasted by a lay adversary. But it is easy to allow frustration to steer you off the path to a desired outcome, or to a good result in litigation, notes Lee Akazaki in this month's The Accidental Mentor.

Canada moving slowly on innovation of legal services
Law Times, online
Richard Susskind's book The End of Lawyers? was inspiring because it spoke of a different type of legal practice that moved away from a traditional approach to a model that embraced business innovation and technology to provide commodity-like legal services. But I wonder how and when this will happen in Canada, asks Monica Goyal in Bits & Bytes.

Tips on training your colleagues
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
I know at first glance the notion of "training your colleagues" may seem a little offensive and perhaps condescending. I intend to be neither, writes Practising In-house columnist Cheryl Foy.



Canada no longer a safe haven for genuine refugees
Canadian Lawyer, online
While Canada ranks fifth as one of the world's happiest places, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees it ranks 8th as a destination of choice for asylum seekers - with the United States, France, and Germany taking the top spots, writes Sonya Nigam in Human Rights . . . Here & There.

Time to reform treatment of medical negligence cases
Law Times
Anyone new to the legal process would be shocked to see how the civil justice system processes medical negligence litigation, Writes Alan Shanoff in his Social Justice column

Be wary of investment advertisements
Canadian Lawyer, online
In February, a client showed me a newspaper ad from an investment firm that showed a 47-per-cent return on their client accounts in 2011. "Let's buy some!" she declared enthusiastically. Although it would seem easy to jump on the bandwagon and get a great return just from answering an ad, think again, writes your Financial Adviser Alan Acton.

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Canadian Lawyer Legal Fees Survey
LAST CHANCE to fill out the Legal Fees survey for a chance to win an Apple TV. Survey closes April 13.

It's time again for the annual Canadian Lawyer Legal Fees Survey. Every year, we collect data about the costs of each firm's legal services in order to create a comprehensive picture of average costs for frequent legal services at both regional and national levels.


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