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The battle for the personal injury dollar
Canadian Lawyer
In this issue's cover story, Canadian Lawyer looks at how the Personal Injury Alliance's multi-media advertising campaign is the latest salvo in the marketing war to get the attention of potential clients.

Refugee lawyers alarmed at LAO proposals
Law Times
Legal Aid Ontario's proposed changes to how it provides services to refugee claimants is troubling some lawyers who are calling the organization's cost-saving plans both ineffective and unjust.

In-house are taking charge
Canadian Lawyer
In this year's Annual Corporate Counsel Survey, Canadian Lawyer discovers that legal departments are bringing more work in, challenging their external firms to do better, and exerting more control.

Hospital exec's retention bonuses ruled not pensionable
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
In-house counsel and pension plan administrators may want to review how retention bonuses are treated when it comes to employee's pensionable earnings following a case involving a hospital executive in Ontario.

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Black students stung by racist graffiti
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
The black community at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law is condemning a recent racist graffiti attack that occurred on campus.

The legal side of the union dues disclosure dispute
Canadian Lawyer
Since British Columbia MP Russell Hiebert tabled the union dues disclosure bill, every politician and commentator with an opinion on Canada's unique labour structure has taken it as an excuse to air their views. Now lawyers are weighing in on whether this political dispute has any credence in law.

Who owns employees’ social media accounts?
Law Times
Employment lawyers say Canadian employers are behind the curve when it comes to the ownership and control of social media accounts operated by employees.

It's tough to kick someone out of their castle
Canadian Lawyer
While the numbers of cases are increasing, it's still an uphill battle for a condo corporation to force an owner to sell.

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Ottawa lawyers find harmony in the Verdict
Law Times
Ottawa family lawyer Gerry Yemensky divides his life between two passions: his love of the law and his love of rock and roll.

A lifelong passion for the law
Canadian Lawyer
At 90, Tom Gauley still goes into his Saskatoon law office every day.

Lawyer gets lifeline from anonymous donor
Law Times
Someone out there wants to give a piece of their liver to Sam Marr, but the Toronto lawyer doesn't yet know who has agreed to make the ultimate donation.

Video: Ontario Legal News Update
Law Times, online
Get the latest news in the Ontario Legal News Update for the week of November 12 with Law Times editor Glenn Kauth.

Civility event next month
Law Times
A slew of legal heavyweights will present their views on the civility debate at an upcoming event that will raise funds for Toronto lawyer Joe Groia's costs in his proceedings with the Law Society of Upper Canada. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.



Feds to blame for legal aid cuts
Law Times, editorial
Freezing funding may be necessary for the time being, but if the federal government is going to cut Ontario's portion at a time of increasing demand, it should be taking the blame for the service reductions organizations like Legal Aid Ontario may have to make.

To article or not to article
Canadian Lawyer, editorial
There needs to be more give and take on both ends, and law schools do need to start taking some responsibility. They cannot continue to argue that there is great demand for law school seats and therefore they are responding to that demand with larger class sizes but have no stake in the future of those law students.



Making a quick exit
Canadian Lawyer
There's something odd going on at the Supreme Court of Canada. Three of the last four justices who retired could have stayed on for another 15 years. Instead, they chose to leave early - very early, writes Philip Slayton in his Top Court Tales column.

It's not enough to keep up with the private practice Joneses
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
In-house lawyers are important sources of lucrative work and are thus courted by - and influential to a degree within - the private practice bar. However, I don't want the in-house bar just to be keeping up with the Joneses - I'd like to see in-house lawyers set their own standards, writes Cheryl Foy in this month's Practising In-house column.

Government looks at making inmates ever poorer
Law Times
Nobody gets rich in jail. And with Conservative MP Guy Lauzon's new law, some will have even less. His bill C-350 to make prisoners give back some, if not all, of the money awarded to them in legal actions they might win against the government passed unanimously on Oct. 31, writes The Hill columnist Richard Cleroux.

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This week's Law Times poll
In a previous poll, respondents resoundingly rejected the articling task force's proposal for a law practice program. Did the minority on the task force get it right when it suggested abolishing articling? Have your say in the weekly Law Times poll.

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