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Editor’s Note

In the April issue of Canadian Lawyer, we will be presenting an in-depth look at the level of pro bono work taking place across Canada. It will involve a variety of articles and surveys relating to the provision of pro bono legal services by the legal profession.

This week, we launch the first survey and are asking all national, large regional and boutique law firms to provide basic information on the average pro bono hours worked each year at your firm, whether it is considered in performance evaluations with your lawyers or not and some details on your overall policy in this area. We also want to hear about your pro bono success stories so be sure to send us a note about those as well.

Please click here, to download the questionnaire. We ask one representative from each firm to please complete it and forward your responses to Jennifer Brown at by Feb. 20.

Next week, we will be launching a survey asking individual lawyers about your personal experiences with pro bono work. So please keep an eye out for that.

Many thanks in advance for your participation.

Gail J. Cohen
Editor in Chief
Canadian Lawyer/Law Times

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Accounting firms making 'serious noise'
Law Times
Deloitte's acquisition of document review company ATD Legal Services PC is only the latest move in a trend that shows accounting firms are "making serious noise" about tapping into the legal industry, an Ottawa-based industry analyst says.

View 2014: Positioned for Growth
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
In this issue's cover story, Canadian Lawyer InHouse listened to general counsel at some of the country's most dynamic organizations about where things are headed. Growth may have slowed but the projects these lawyers are working on are exciting and bodes well for Canada.

Related video: In the first of six videos, Canadian Tire SVP, secretary & general counsel Robyn Collver talks about the challenges she and her team face in the year ahead.

Reflecting on View 2013 predictions
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
We revisit our conversations with last year's View 2013 interviewees to see how the year panned out.

Trust transfers covered major revenue shortfall at Heydary Hamilton, report finds
Law Times
More than $2.7 million transferred from Heydary Hamilton PC's trust account went towards paying the firm's day-to-day operations, a Law Society of Upper Canada investigation has found.

Canada's fractured view of fracking
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
As Canada's largest natural gas producer defends itself in court against allegations linked to its fracking operations, several provinces are expressing increasing unease with the practice and, in some cases, banning it.

Blowing the whistle on fraud
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Canadian corporations need to embrace whistleblowers if they operate or trade in the U.S., where a new bounty system and greater protections have created a favorable environment for whistleblowing, legal experts say.

Lawyers urged to embrace in-house ethics counsel
Law Times
Canadian law firms shouldn't be squeamish about lawyering up internally when faced with ethical issues and should consider having in-house ethics counsel, according to a Western University law professor.

Canada's foreign CSR body criticized
When Canada's Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Counsellor, Marketa Evans, quietly resigned last October, it was a disappointing day for the CSR strategy initiated by the Ministry of International Trade almost four years earlier.

For the love of labour law
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Some people may think journalism and the law are like oil and vinegar. But for Glenn Wheeler, in-house counsel for the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union, the two blend perfectly.

How tablets found a home in-house
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
IPads and other tablets are transforming the way in-house lawyers operate. Concerns around IT security and integration with traditional business software, however, continue to present a challenge.

HR departments at law firms are becoming key
Effective and sophisticated human resource departments at law firms have become increasingly important in a challenging legal economy.

Pop culture a prominent issue in trademark case
Law Times
Homer Simpson, rapper 50 Cent, and Mr. Big from Sex and the City make strange bedfellows, but all three arose in a trademark case won by a cigar maker. In Empresa Cubana Del Tabaco v. Tequila Cuervo S.A. Dec. V., the applicants used popular culture references to emphasize their Cohiba cigars' status as an iconic brand.

Video: Ontario Legal News Update
Law Times, online
Get the latest news in the Ontario Legal News Update for the week of January 27 with Law Times editor Glenn Kauth.

Lawyer disbarred over mortgage transactions
Law Times
A Toronto lawyer has lost his licence to practise law due to professional misconduct related to mortgage transactions. Click
here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.


Good start on board diversity
Law Times, editorial
Statistics show Ontario companies continue to lag on female representation on their boards, so the OSC and the Ontario government are right to be moving on the issue.

What's the future in-house?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, editorial
Surveys showing growth in in-house departments bodes well for the profession but there are underlying issues that mean there are also long-term questions.

SCC seeks 'culture shift' in strong endorsement of summary judgment
Canadian Lawyer, online
There is no shortage of rhetoric in the Supreme Court of Canada's recent decision on the scope and interpretation of amendments to Ontario's Rule 20 governing motions for summary judgment, writes Lax O'Sullivan Scott Lisus LLP associate Ian Matthews.

Are you the sales prevention department?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
In Mark Johnson's column, In Closing, he write about the constant pressure to speed up contract review turnaround time?

'Crucial time' for Crowns as government tightens its belt
Law Times
In his column, The Hill, Richard Cleroux suggests that, with elections coming up next year, it wouldn't be a good time for the government to have all of its lawyers on strike. So the union is already organizing a member mobilization campaign and has joined the Canadian Labour Congress in order to bolster its cause.

New rules to avoid a black eye
Canadian Lawyer, online
The latest crop of business immigration related changes came right before we rang in the New Year, writes Jennifer Nees in her column, The Immigration Line. The changes presented some challenges regarding news forms, but also provided insight into how the government perceives the temporary foreign worker program and its continued use in Canada.

Making lemonade: Benefits of the LPP
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
While the challenges presented by law practice programs are undeniable, the opportunities are also exciting. In Rebecca Lockwood's Ab Initio column, she supports opening up legal education to become more inclusive of "unconventional" career goals and interests.

The Hollick approach is here to stay
Canadian Lawyer, online
Since its decision in Cloud, the Court of Appeal has applied the Hollick approach in letter and in spirit in a number of cases, writes Kirk Baert in this month's Class Acts column. As a result, we are only now beginning to fully enjoy the benefits of class proceedings legislation in Ontario.

Why I left corporate law
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Every lawyer who quits Big Law has their own reasons. Many of those reasons are widely known, such as burnout, toxic work culture, or even cases of discrimination. Former Big Law practitioner Wela Quan was lucky enough not to have experienced a lot of the typical corporate firm horror stories, but she still felt deeply unsettled in her job.

The Mandela in all of us
Canadian Lawyer, online
John Packer, in his Human Rights . . . Here & There column, says the world has something to learn from the life of Nelson Mandela, judging from the over 80 sitting and 30 former heads of state or government, a dozen princes and kings, some 30 sitting foreign or other ministers, and innumerable ambassadors who gathered in the rain on Dec. 10 to celebrate his life.

The downside of judge's ruling on reviewing draft expert reports
Law Times, online
While a judge had commendable goals in declaring an end to lawyers' practice of reviewing draft expert reports, her recent Superior Court decision may have the unwelcome consequence of affecting who counsel retain as experts, writes Darcy Merkur in his Personal Injury Law column.

Video: Making Rain: Resolutions
Canadian Lawyer, online
In her first column of 2014, executive coach Debra Forman provides you with an opportunity to commit to taking your personal success to even higher levels by pledging to uphold new business development and practice management resolutions and strategies during the upcoming year.

The case against multiple wills as an estate-planning tool
Law Times
Rational analysis of the jurisprudence and its consequences suggest it's better to avoid using multiple wills, writes Jeremy Richler in his column, A Matter of Trust. Yet if a client insists on the use of such a scheme despite the risks, the solicitor must, as the old adage goes, get it all in writing.

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