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'A lot of angry people' at Heenan
Law Times
As many of Heenan Blaikie LLP's heavyweights get comfortable with their new Bay Street jobs, the members of the support staff they left behind are "pissed off" about the long wait for information about their severance packages.

The evolution of legal education
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
Law schools must change to reflect a new era of practice, but what transformations are needed and are they happening too slowly?

Adapt judge's model to summary motions, lawyers say
Law Times
Following the Supreme Court's decision in Hryniak v. Mauldin, civil litigators say Ontario should create a new summary judgment motion procedure based on the premise of a recent guideline written by Superior Court Justice David Brown.

Video: View 2014: Positioned for growth with Leanne Geale
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Canadian Lawyer InHouse listened to general counsel at some of the country's most dynamic organizations about where things are headed. In the fifth of six videos, Leanne Geale, associate general counsel Heavy Oil & Head of Legal, Shell Canada Ltd., talks about projects the company has lined up for the year ahead and how the legal department plays a part in their development.



Tuition v. salary
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
Break out the abacus. A little simple math can help you figure out how many years of lawyering it might take to pay back those student loans.

Companies will live and die on data breach policies: experts
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
As criminals appear to be staying one step ahead of those in charge of securing personal data, the best marketing approach a brand could take these days is to promote how secure they make their customer's data, according to a panel examining recent hack attacks.

Licensing version 2.0
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
Ryerson University and the University of Ottawa to deliver Ontario's other options for becoming a lawyer.

Largest law firms in Canada
Law Times
What are the 20 largest law firms in Canada now that Heenan Blaikie LLP is leaving the scene?

Q & A with Gail Wong
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
Gail Wong, director of McCarthy Tétrault LLP's student program for the Ontario region, talks about how the law firm recruits new talent.

Mad about 'mad' rights
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
Madness isn't just a label or a category. And Lucy Costa wants to change our perception of what "mad" actually is -- as a scholar, researcher, and activist.

LRG digital edition


Alternative routes
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
A fulfilling career doesn't always have to start with a traditional law firm job.

The pros & cons of practising...
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
The pros and cons of practising: in the 905; aboriginal law; in Saint John, N.B.; family law.

Making music
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
Steven Hansen is a third-year law student at the University of Alberta. Each year, the school holds a cabaret music production organized and performed by students in the Faculty of Law.

Video: A colourful approach to access to justice
Law Times, online
The time to take action on access to justice has passed, says Osgoode Hall Law School dean Lorne Sossin, who's among members of the legal community who will be participating in next month's Flip Your Wig for Justice event. Sossin and others talk about the event and why they're taking part.

Strong backing for bill allowing HRTO costs awards
Law Times
Employment lawyers are strongly backing a bill that would allow the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to award costs to successful parties.

Video: Ontario Legal News Update
Law Times, online
Get the latest news in the Ontario Legal News Update for the week of February 24 with Law Times editor Glenn Kauth.

CCLA gets new executive director
Law Times
Lawyer Sukanya Pillay is the new general counsel and executive director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.


Good move on family mediation
Law Times, editorial
While the debate over whether to make mediation mandatory in family law matters continues, Legal Aid Ontario has come up with a project that may provide a significant incentive for litigants to try alternative dispute resolution.

A costly misstep?
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, editorial
The Law Practice Program is only a pilot, but looking at it pre-launch, it doesn't seem like it's much of a step forward. And the high cost to all students, and the fairly likely scenario of creating two tiers of new lawyers could make it a costly misstep.

Court of Appeal rights its own wrong
Canadian Lawyer, online
Directly faced with the consequences of Timminco, the Court of Appeal reversed itself and set aside its previous interpretation. In so doing, writes Kirk Baert in his Class Acts column, the court struck the correct balance between prejudice to plaintiffs, the rights of the defendants, the public interest, and the goals of the act.

Video: Making Rain: Channel your inner groundhog
Canadian Lawyer, online
In this month's episode of Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman challenges you to focus your energies on specific efforts, balance expectations, follow through with appropriate execution, and earn your clients' trust.

Time to rethink billing clients by docketed hours
Law Times
Do clients receive good value for their legal fees, asks Alan Shanoff in his Social Justice column. It may not be what lawyers want to hear, but any practical solution to the access to justice crisis requires a fresh look at how they calculate civil litigation legal fees.

A thought from the 2nd-least affordable city in the world for housing
Canadian Lawyer, online
If offshore speculation is driving up real estate values in Vancouver and Toronto to the point where our legal assistants are moving to Edmonton and our young associates are moving to the far-flung suburbs, perhaps some thought should be given to cooling down that market, argues Tony Wilson in his Letter from Law Law Land column.

Prof urges pause on allowing more schools to follow Lakehead approach
Law Times
Ontario appears set to get more lawyers due to reforms to the rules governing entry into the profession.This may mean more competition, lower rates, and greater access to justice.

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