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Case management masters decry salary discrepancy
Law Times
As the province seeks more austerity, case management masters in Ontario are taking the government to task for paying them less than traditional masters despite doing the same work.

Criminal lawyers rally around colleague sentenced to two years
Law Times
Lawyers across Ontario are showing unprecedented support for a colleague sentenced to two years in prison last week for smuggling marijuana into Toronto's Don Jail, a Criminal Lawyers' Association spokesman says.

Trio of prominent lawyers seeking LSUC's top elected job
Law Times
With Law Society of Upper Canada Treasurer Thomas Conway's term coming to an end this summer, a trio of benchers are in the running to become the next face of Ontario's regulator of the legal profession.

Courts v. regulators: The blurred boundaries in securities regulation
The buzz in securities circles these days is about the rise of the securities regulators. What does this do to the jurisdiction of the courts? How do counsel ensure they are protecting client interests in both places?

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Accommodating medical marijuana
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
With the probability medical marijuana may be more frequently prescribed for many recognized disabilities, employers may want to dust off their polices around drug use and impairment in the workplace.

Bias a hot topic for experts as Getahun debate continues
Law Times
Bias is once again the hot topic among expert witnesses after an Ontario Superior Court judge banned lawyers from meeting with their experts to review draft reports.

Ex-lawyer denied re-entry to profession
Law Times
A Law Society of Upper Canada panel has denied a lawyer who surrendered his licence to practise law in 2006 the green light to re-enter the profession after finding he has yet to prove he's now of good character. Click
here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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A quid pro quo I can get behind
Canadian Lawyer, online
It's wonderful to have sounding boards and cheerleaders, writes Lindsay Scott in this month's Trial by Fire column. Sponsors, however, are prepared to do some heavy lifting to launch your career in exchange for your loyalty and hard work.

A new age of online consent
Canadian Lawyer, online
In her column, The IT Girl, Lisa Lifshitz explores new guidelines to remind organizations that under Canadian private-sector privacy laws, organizations are required to obtain meaningful consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

Oil, law, and lawlesness
Canadian Lawyer, online
Damian Penny reviews The Secret World of Oil in this month's Law Library column. Informative, entertaining, and refreshingly non-preachy, The Secret World of Oil will change the way you look at the industry, and the legal systems which govern them. Or, in many nations, don't govern them.

Without leadership
In his Last Word column, Paul Paton offers a post-mortem of the Heenan Blaikie debacle. Even in the best of times, he says, law firms lacking strong leadership are prone to fall apart.

Appeal court clarifies duty to mitigate in constructive dismissals
Law Times
When facing an employee's assertion of constructive dismissal, prudent employers must formally restate their offer of re-employment in order to avoid the legally narrow and costly mitigation trap, writes Nikolay Cshrbinin.

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