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Editor’s Note

Voting is now open for the fifth annual Top 25 Most Influential.

We had an overwhelming response to our call for nominations and this year present the largest number ever of nominees — spanning many practice areas and areas of the country. We are really impressed with the calibre and accomplishments of all of the lawyers who have made it into this voting round.

Readers are now asked to cast your vote for up to five nominees in each of this year's five categories

• Corporate-commercial, including litigation, deals, class actions, etc.
• Criminal/Human Rights
• Changemakers: lawyers in any area or type of practice who have been leaders or catalysts for positive change in any area of the profession such as diversity, law firm management, education, etc.
• Government/non-profits/associations, including public inquiries and officers of Parliament
• *new* The world stage: Canadian lawyers who have an influence on law and society beyond our borders.

The Top 25 Most Influential is not a lifetime achievement award but recognition of lawyers who have played a significant role in the legal profession and Canadian and international society in the last year to year and a half

These results will form part of the final decision-making process that will be undertaken by the magazine's editorial team. Look for the results in the August 2014 issue of Canadian Lawyer.

Vote now: Poll is open through June 9

Gail J. Cohen
Editor in Chief
Canadian Lawyer/Law Times

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CCLA calls for new law on non-conviction records
Law Times
Canadian lawmakers should create a law to ban "alarming" disclosures of non-conviction information through police record checks, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association says.

Moving business forward
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
For the first time since we started conducting our annual Canadian Lawyer InHouse General Counsel Roundtable we decided to take the discussion on the road and outside Toronto to Calgary.

Ninth annual InHouse general counsel roundtable: Dealing with intellectual property issues
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
In the first of four videos from the InHouse/Association of Corporate Counsel general counsel roundtable, moderated by Jennifer Brown and sponsored by Field Law, the participants discuss how issues around intellectual property affect their department's workload.

Lawyers urged to move faster on mobile technologies
Law Times
If you're not tracking your billable hours as you go, technology entrepreneur John Kuntz is certain you're not getting it right.

Courts differ on drug evaluation officers' expertise
Law Times
As Canada's justice system continues to adapt to Criminal Code amendments dealing with drug-impaired driving, the courts are making diverging findings on whether drug evaluation officers are experts when providing evidence in court.

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Can charities handle CASL's complexity?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Canada's anti-spam legislation goes into effect on July 1, but there's still a lot of confusion about what that means for not-for-profit organizations. Charities and non-profits fall under the same legislation as private businesses — and are subject to the same penalties, which are hefty.

Disability friendly LSAT coming to a law school near you
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Students with disabilities will be happy to learn in the future any extra time granted to take the LSAT will not be noted on their law school application.

Pharma is on the Competition Bureau's radar
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
The Competition Bureau is honing in on the pharmaceutical sector, amid concern about alleged market distortions caused by legal settlements and industry practices.

Legal process outsourcing is evolving quickly
At one time, much of the focus on legal process outsourcing (LPO) was on e-discovery, but the extent to which these providers have diversified their services suggests in-house counsel might want to revisit what's being offered these days.

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Growing the department
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Ask a lawyer who has taken on the role as the first in-house counsel within an organization and they will probably tell you by the time they arrived the company already needed at least one if not several more lawyers. But from the moment they walked in the door they had to do a lot of work to establish what value they brought before others could be added to the team.

From government to think-tank role
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
A think-tank's new focus on international law offers the perfect combination of action and reflection for Oonagh Fitzgerald, named director of the International Law Research Program at the Waterloo, Ont.-based Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Feds score a few wins among high-profile losses
Law Times
Despite a string of high-profile rulings against various crime bills at all levels of court in the past few months, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's victories in other areas, including this month's Supreme Court decision in Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) v. Harkat, show there's no judicial bias against the federal government's laws, says an appellate lawyer.

Kenora lawyer to lead CDLPA
Law Times
The County & District Law Presidents' Association has announced Kenora, Ont., lawyer Cheryl Siran will be its next chairwoman. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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Goldkind's refreshing contribution
Law Times, editorial
He may be a long shot to replace Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, but criminal defence lawyer Ari Goldkind is at least making a productive contribution to the election campaign and debate.

Empowering the masses to aid expansion
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, editorial
If there was a consistent theme that seemed to be running though my recent trip to Calgary for the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association's annual meeting it was that in order to expand their departments in-house counsel know they need to evaluate what they're currently doing before they can ask for more help.

Video: Making Rain — What's it to me?
Canadian Lawyer, online
In this month's Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman tackles the complicated issue of putting the breaks on reacting and, at times, overreacting inappropriately to outcomes that mostly don't pertain to you.

'Comply or explain' just makes sense
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
The Ontario Securities Commission invited the public to submit comments to its proposed disclosure requirements regarding the representation of women on corporate boards and in executive officer positions. As we await the outcome, writes Antoinette Bozac in her column, In Closing, let us all aim for better diversity and gender representation within our respective organizations.

Court wrestling with cy-près principles
Canadian Lawyer, online
In this month's Class Acts column, Kirk Baert looks at cy-près awards in Ontario. He says the jurisprudence is still immature, but that will surely change as class counsel continue to use this valuable tool for deterrence and behaviour modification in the future.

Temporary foreign workers dominate immigration conference
Canadian Lawyer, online
This year, the Canadian Bar Association's annual immigration conference was held in Calgary. Immigration practitioners from across Canada (and around the globe!) met to learn and discuss some of the very real issues facing our rapidly changing industry, writes Jennifer Nees in her column, The Immigration Line.

We are more alike than we might think
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
We introduce Ted Flett, who writes in his first Ab Initio column about his first year of law school at the University of New Brunswick, which he likens to a Patrick Chan Olympic skate. In the months and weeks leading up, there was focused preparation followed by equal parts fear and anticipation.

Speeding up court can be costly, make things worse
Law Times
In a world of supposed scarce judicial resources, we now we have the ultimate judicial approval of yet more budget cuts: Hryniak v. Mauldin, writes Lou Ferro in Speaker's Corner this week.

OSC goes grassroots with crowdfunding exemption
Canadian Lawyer, online
Access to startup funding and growth capital is essential to developing Canadian businesses and promoting entrepreneurialism, write Graham King and Kyle Denomme, but small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada face legal and practical challenges raising capital at early stages of their business cycle.

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This week's Law Times poll
Does Canada need new laws restricting police disclosure of non-conviction records? Have your say in the weekly Law Times poll.

Voting is now open for the fifth annual Top 25 Most Influential. Readers are asked to cast their vote for up to five nominees in each of this year's five categories: corporate-commercial; criminal/human rights; changemakers; government/non-profits/associations; and (new) the world stage. Look for the results in the August 2014 issue of Canadian Lawyer. Vote now: Poll is open through June 9.


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