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Lawyer's lucky shopping trip leads to $1-million win
Law Times, online
Criminal defence lawyer Gary Batasar's stroke of luck began with a search for a pair of size 2 Converse high tops for his youngest daughter who needed the shoes for a dance recital.

Expert duties reinforced as lawyer ordered to pay costs over biased witness
Law Times, online
In a decision emphasizing counsel's duties around experts, a Superior Court judge has ordered a Toronto lawyer to personally pay a portion of his client's costs for wasting time and resources after finding he knowingly used a biased witness eventually removed from the case.

Tobacco litigation languishes as industry wins battle over privilege
Law Times, online
The court has struck portions of the Ontario government's statement of claim in its ongoing $50-billion lawsuit against the tobacco industry because it may not use statements made to House of Commons committees in either a civil action or criminal prosecutions.

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A return to firm life
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
It's not often you see in-house lawyers return to the law firm fold, but two recent examples show experienced lawyers are finding new opportunities as outside counsel.

Ruling could leave transit projects in limbo
Law Times
A decision earlier this year from Master Donald Short of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice suggests that contractors working on billions of dollars worth of municipal transportation projects in Ontario and possibly elsewhere in Canada could hold them up indefinitely if they don't get paid on time.

LSUC paralegal bencher's company to pay for human rights breach
Law Times
The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has ordered POINTTS Advisory Ltd., owned by Law Society of Upper Canada paralegal bencher Douglas Sanderson, to pay almost $13,000 in a discrimination case. Click
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Balancing scholarship and activism
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
When I began law school, I had a plan to succeed. Warned of the arduous grind of reading, I was intent on studying with razor-sharp focus. No distractions. No extracurricular. Away from home, it would be all school, all the time, writes Ted Flett in Ab Initio.

Rental housing stock lags as rules, economics favour condos
Law Times
An interesting confluence of trends is affecting an almost-forgotten segment of the Toronto real estate market, writes Jeffrey Lem in The Dirt.

Video: Making Rain - Be a white box firm
Canadian Lawyer, online
In the June episode of Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman asks: Does your firm have a black box or white box management persona?

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