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Posthumous call for law students killed at war
Law Times
We only had one killed and one wounded in our company, not including two men who went nuts from being close to exploding minenwerfers, which are more dangerous to one's nerves than to one's body."

Honouring law students killed during First World War

Are banks eating estates lawyers' lunch?
Law Times
Outdated law school curriculums are contributing to a bleak future for the trusts and estates bar, a Canadian legal futurist predicts.

LAO rejects prof's allegation of 'culture of secrecy'
Law Times
An Osgoode Hall Law School professor has resigned as a member of Legal Aid Ontario's immigration and refugee advisory committee after citing "a culture of secrecy" at the organization.

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Lawyers reminded about dominant purpose test for litigation privilege
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
When undertaking an investigation in preparation for litigation, there's always a danger it could fall into the other party's hands through discovery. Litigation privilege doesn't automatically apply to all investigative reports commissioned by a party.

Cannabis quandary
Rulings on random alcohol and drug tests in the workplace have helped to clarify the issues, but questions remain about accommodating workers who use medical marijuana.

Are drones the next tool for private investigators?
Law Times
When Inc. chief executive officer Jeff Bezos dramatically predicted on 60 Minutes that within a few years drones would be zigzagging across cities delivering packages, many people took notice.

Da Silva becomes OBA president
Law Times
Ministry of the Attorney General counsel Orlando Da Silva is the new president of the Ontario Bar Association. Click
here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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Transparency call at LAO
Law Times, editorial
We need to reform our freedom of information laws to clarify the rules around releasing information and make the presumption of openness a legislated duty.

Big data, big problems
Canadian Lawyer, online
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recently released its study of data broker practices. Not surprisingly, writes Lisa Lifshitz in her The IT Girl column, the report indicated "big data" heralds some big problems for U.S. consumers (and virtually everyone else). She shares a few (creepy) highlights.

Marriage laws have long evolved to respect personal choice
Law Times
It's easy to forget that the prohibition on same-sex marriage is only the most recent legal impediment to marriage to have fallen, writes Philip Girard in his That's History column.

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Law firms tinkering as business model under stress
Law Times
In this week's Speaker's Corner, Jana Schilder and J.C. Bliwas write about the continuing difficulty law firms experience finding new ways to mesh their traditional, if rapidly outmoded, business model with client pressures to control fees.

Developing broader shoulders
Canadian Lawyer, online
In this month's Trial by Fire column, Lindsay Scott reminds readers that, for those who need someone to listen on a confidential basis, Ontario's law society dues pay for the Member Assistance Program. MAP provides counselling services to all lawyers, paralegals, students and judges, and their families.

Measuring legal department metrics
Canadian Lawyer, online
While currently focused on U.S. law firm billing data, a number of Canadian companies are using TyMetrix's e-billing solution, writes Stephen Mabey in his Definitely Mabey column. This development, he writes, is a real game-changer.

Legal protections are one thing; social stigma is another
Canadian Lawyer, online
Imagine being falsely accused of child sexual abuse. That's what happens to the main character in the Danish film The Hunt (originally titled Jagten), a nominee for Best Foreign Language Film at the most recent Academy Awards, writes Damian Penny in this month's Law Library column.

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