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Reliance on sureties boosting Ontario remand numbers
Law Times
Heavy reliance on sureties in bail courts is unique to Ontario and comes at great cost to the province, according to a Canadian Civil Liberties Association report released this week.

JP has change of heart, admits misconduct in tossing 68 charges
Law Times
Despite his initial defence of his actions in dismissing a slew of charges in 2012, a justice of the peace admitted to misconduct last week and apologized for what he did.

Appeal court rules in favour of UBS in fight with former CEO and director
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
It won't change or strengthen any laws around executive compensation but a recent decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal should have boards giving sober second thought to how they grant big bonuses and golden parachutes to top executives.

Plaintiff-friendly impairment ruling survives judicial review
Law Times
A Financial Services Commission of Ontario ruling that made it easier to prove catastrophic brain injury has survived a judicial review at the Divisional Court.

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TRU law class embrace the Wiki
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
In an experiment by Thompson Rivers University, wikis — a web-based application that allows people to contribute collaboratively by adding, deleting, or updating information freely — are used to reflect law students' growing knowledge.

Benford's law a key weapon for detecting fraud
Law Times
A typical crime-fighting kit doesn't usually include mathematical laws. But a nearly 75-year-old mathematical law has found a new life as a forensic tool for uncovering fraud and other financial misdeeds.

Superior court master mourned
Law Times
The masters of the Ontario Superior Court are mourning the death of Richard Peterson this month. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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How do you fix a problem like immigration?
Canadian Lawyer, online
The first step towards "fixing" immigration is to realize the immigration program as a whole, and even our temporary foreign worker program, in part, are not necessarily broken, writes Jennifer Nees in this month"s The Immigration Line.

Making Rain Episode 53: Stay in the Driver's Seat
Canadian Lawyer, online
In this month’s Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman reminds you that when it comes to balancing your career desires you are ultimately the person responsible for your success.

A steeper hill for securities class actions
Canadian Lawyer, online
In this month's Class Acts column, Kirk Baert writes about Justice Edward Belobaba's recent decision in Mask v. Silvercorp Metals Inc., which bolsters a limited discovery principle in advance of leave, and will result in a steeper hill for plaintiffs to climb at the outset of a securities class action.

Etiquette and student recruitment: what's the fuss?
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Ted Flett never thought he needed training in etiquette, but he decided to give it a try. In this month's Ab Initio column, he writes about all the pointers he got.

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Arrested development
Sometimes the obstacle to legal-department advancement is the department itself, writes Richard Stock in this month's column on law department management.

Mortgage fraud case raises questions about insurance exemptions
Law Times
In this week's Speaker's Corner, Tim Hyde says he's surprised there has not been more Ontario Court of Appeal consideration of the language of insurance policies.

The new constitutional order
Canadian Lawyer, online
Bob Rae's sunny and upbeat assessment of the state of aboriginal law, in the July edition of Canadian Lawyer, warrants a counterpoint response, writes Peter Best.

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This week's Law Times poll
Alberta is raising its small claims limit to $50,000 in August. Should Ontario follow suit? Click here to have your say in the weekly Law Times poll.


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