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Actions against Cho proliferate
Law Times
Property buyers who are out $15 million in deposit money are eyeing the Law Society of Upper Canada's compensation fund as the civil lawsuits proliferate amid lawyer Meerai Cho's arrest on fraud charges last week.

Cracking the system
Canadian Lawyer
On June 13, Justice Minister Peter MacKay announced the appointment of 12 new judges. Not a single one was a woman. In this month's cover story, we ask the question: how do we get more diversity on the bench when there's no transparency in the appointments process?

Stronger than ever
Canadian Lawyer
Canadian Lawyer returns to our survey of western and northern-based firms to find a region filled with excitement and not afraid to flex its muscles. Merger-mania is over and the regional firms left standing are stronger than ever.

Should AG be able to seize alleged drunken sailor's boat?
Law Times
If the Ministry of the Attorney General gets its way in a unique civil forfeiture case, an alleged drunken sailor could see his boat taken away by the government.

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Report outlines details for clinic mergers
Law Times
After weeks of discussion, the group leading the reorganization of the Greater Toronto Area's legal clinics has released its detailed plan for creating five organizations across the region.

A new era of title claims
Canadian Lawyer
A landmark ruling on aboriginal land rights will open the door to more title claims, possible slowdowns in mining and other development, higher costs, and a heightened push to negotiate deals. But the Supreme Court is building on existing practice rather than pushing aboriginal law in a new direction.

Art of the case: How the Chatr Wireless case avoided incivility
As an exercise in advocacy, The Commissioner of Competition v. Chatr Wireless Inc. and Rogers Communications Inc. has it all: first-rate counsel and firms, a sense of urgency, a unique procedure, a high profile, deep-pocketed clients, public-interest considerations, business reputations at stake, complex expert evidence, as well as tough judgment calls and strategic decisions.

The rise of the single services provider
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
A small Toronto law firm says the move to form an alliance with Deloitte Canada will strengthen its position to help clients better navigate the increasingly complex world of immigration law.

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Law prof pressures may be barrier to preparing law students for new reality of lawyering
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Associate professor Craig Forcese of the common law section at the University of Ottawa says he is "among those who think the schools can and should do a better job of preparing students for the modern environment," including professors who are given the encouragement to be more engaged in teaching innovative skills.

Privacy class actions on the rise
Law Times
With the certification of Evans v. The Bank of Nova Scotia, the newly introduced tort of intrusion upon seclusion has become another weapon in the arsenal for the class action plaintiffs' bar.

Law grad's royal succession appeal denied
Law Times
A recent law graduate who challenged royal succession rules barring Catholics from ascending to the throne has lost his appeal. Click click to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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Boosting public protection
Law Times, editorial
While the arrest of lawyer Meerai Cho last week is certainly a major concern for the property buyers who've lost their deposits, the case is a good opportunity to look at options for protecting the public.

Profits don't preclude professionalism
Canadian Lawyer, editorial
The Canadian Bar Association's report on the future of the legal profession last month offers one of the most potent recipes for a New Legal Universe that has come from any legal association or governing body in this country, or even in North America.

Is document review legal work?
Canadian Lawyer
Many companies that are not law firms now offer "legal" document review as a service, writes Dera Nevin in this month's Tech Support. So, is document review legal work? It depends.

Meerai Cho affair a cautionary tale about condo deposits
Law Times
The recent arrest and Law Society of Upper Canada discipline case involving Meerai Cho is a truly cautionary tale over absconded condominium deposits, writes Jeffrey Lem in his column, The Dirt.

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Provincial hydro talks part of bigger trade picture
Law Times
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne turned a few heads recently when she opened the door to buying electric power from Quebec on a long-term basis, writes Ian Harvey in his latest Inside Queen's Park column.

Worlds apart
Canadian Lawyer
In Cross Examined this month, Elizabeth Thompson profiles Jessica Salomon, who's pursuing comedy and international human rights. The two careers appear worlds apart. But as Salomon moves seamlessly back and forth between talking about comedy and human rights law, it is clear the two very different careers are joined by a common thread — Salomon's passion for human rights.

Video: Jessica Salomon at Yuk Yuk's comedy club.

School's in! Mixed emotions and new challenges entering 2L
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
This week, law schools across Canada are back in. Ted Flett, in his Ab Initio column, admits to feeling some ambivalence.

Three firms, three paths
Junior associates launching their careers at three very different firms boutique, national and mid-size regional discuss the pros, cons and misconceptions about their respective environments.

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This week's Law Times poll
Is it time to require dual signatures on trust accounts? Click here to have your say in the weekly Law Times poll.

Canadian Lawyer Corporate Counsel Survey
The annual Canadian Lawyer Corporate Counsel survey is out. This year, we're focusing on the relationship between corporate counsel and external law firms. Results will be presented in the November/December issue of Canadian Lawyer as well as an issue of InHouse. All answers will remain confidential. The deadline is Sept. 15, 2014.


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