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Judge's surprising recusal prompts bid for new trial
Law Times
In another bizarre twist to what litigation lawyers have called an "unprecedented" case, counsel for McKesson Canada Corp. are now relying on Tax Court of Canada Justice Patrick Boyle's recusal from a transfer-pricing case in September as grounds for seeking a new trial.

Crown wins full hearing over merit pay denial due to poem
Law Times
Can the province deny a merit increase to a Crown prosecutor for reading a rhyme during closing arguments? An Ottawa assistant Crown attorney will soon find that out as he seeks to challenge the Ministry of the Attorney General's denial of merit pay that could leave him out of pocket by as much as $70,000.

Reinventing the law library
Law Times
Stakeholders of LibraryCo Inc., the non-profit organization that runs Ontario's law libraries, want to bring law libraries up to speed with technological changes that have transformed both the practice of law and the way people consume legal information.

Disclosure of Aboriginal payments raises fears of cutbacks from federal government
Lexpert, online
Aboriginal entities in Canada could face cutbacks on federal transfer payments if their compensation from extractive projects are disclosed under the new federal transparency act, according to legal experts.

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Are anti-corruption laws really tackling the problem?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Some scholars say anti-corruption laws in Canada and the United States are too transaction focused and fail to look at the system as a whole.

DART aims to take money worries out of career decisions
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Sometimes recent law graduates see passion and practicality collide as they graduate with noble public-interest aspirations and are hit with the reality of having to pay off often six-figure debt loads.

New law needed to address stress claims, lawyers argue
Law Times
The provincial legislature needs to act after a tribunal declared portions of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act unconstitutional for the way they restrict certain claims for mental stress, according to a Toronto employment lawyer.

Lawyer commended for work on posthumous call
Law Times
The minister of veterans affairs has awarded Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP lawyer Patrick Shea a commendation for his work in piecing together the stories of 59 law students who died in the First World War. Click
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More doubts about evidence, experts
Law Times, editorial
Six years after former Ontario Court of Appeal justice Stephen Goudge found serious problems with the province's pediatric forensic pathology system, it's disheartening to see doubts emerge about the quality of certain evidence used routinely in certain child-protection cases.

What do cloud vendors want, pt. 1?
Canadian Lawyer, online
In the Cloud 2.0 world, what do software as a service (SaaS) cloud vendors want from their customers? Lisa Lifshitz, in her The IT Girl column, offers some insight.

Canada's medical marijuana industry offers a range of business opportunities
Law Times
The commercial medicinal marijuana industry in Canada is in its infancy and is offering an early advantage for those willing to take the risk whether by raising capital privately or going public, write Nadim Wakeam and Patrick Gervais.

Correcting the record edition
Canadian Lawyer, online
In her final Trial by Fire column, Lindsay Scott engages in what she calls 'the cringe-worthy exercise' of reviewing her past writing. In doing so, she finds some advice and experience that has been invaluable to her practice, and is well worth re-emphasizing.

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The difference between 1L and 2L
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Two months into his second-year at Queen's University, Derek Kim's legal education has yet to become over-familiar; but challenges that were once considered insurmountable have become routine and second nature. The following are the most salient differences he's noticed as a 2L.

Assessing your firm's technology needs
Canadian Lawyer, online
As the year starts to draw to a close and planning is underway for 2015, Ben Hanuka's column, The Future Files, looks at some elements of strategic planning for law office management.

10 years on, tribunal orders employer to reinstate employee
Canadian Lawyer, online
Employers in Ontario will need to reconsider the manner in which they handle workplace issues involving disability management and human rights litigation after the Ontario Divisional Court recently upheld the 2012/2013 decision of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal in Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board v. Fair, writes Michael Stitz.

A strong case of reasonable doubt
Canadian Lawyer, online
In his Law Library column, Damian Penny reviews Debra Komar's The Lynching of Peter Wheeler, in which she makes a strong case that, at the very least, there was reasonable doubt as to whether Wheeler really killed 14-year-old Annie Kempton of Bear River, N.S.

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