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Judicial vacancies pile up
Law Times
Despite Superior Court Chief Justice Heather Smith's call for prompt judicial appointments, Ontario is approaching the end of the year with nearly 30 vacancies for federally appointed judges across the province and no new appointments since April.

Clinic's unpaid articling job creates a stir
Law Times
A pro bono articling job posted for a Greater Toronto Area legal clinic has created a stir around unpaid legal work. The job posting, posted on Legal Aid Ontario's web site, says the Durham Community Legal Clinic is looking for a student for a 10-month unpaid gig.

Ukrainian lawyers organize to help situation back home
Law Times
The Ukrainian Canadian Bar Association is alive once again with a renewed purpose of helping out with the situation in Ukraine. The revival of the association last week, which faded away after its creation in the early 1990s, comes at a critical time for Ukraine, a country that remains in crisis after the ouster of former president Viktor Yanukovych early this year.

U of C law embracing innovative teaching methods
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
University of Calgary Faculty of Law associate dean Alice Woolley insists she is not tech-savvy. She can check her e-mail on her smartphone, and recently learned to set an alarm, but a technological whiz she is not, she says.

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The in-house whisperer
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
The former GC for DuPont is counselling one of Canada's biggest law firms on better client relationships.

How one Atlantic Canada firm became lead counsel on a $3B international merger
Lexpert, online
The early 1990s saw the coming together of a Canadian business relationship that would see an Atlantic Canada law firm lead the largest deal for one overseas telecomm company.

Alberta narrowly avoids missing deadline on privacy law
In October, the Supreme Court of Canada extended the deadline for Alberta to revise its Personal Information Protection Act, which the court had ruled unconstitutional.

In-house counsel advised on e-discovery strategies
Law Times
Having knowledge of electronic discovery issues is as indispensible for in-house counsel as it is for external lawyers.

Lawyer ordered to pay worker $57K
Law Times
The Ontario Superior Court has ordered a Gravenhurst, Ont., lawyer to pay $57,000 to a former clerical worker after a judge found he shut down his practice without proper notice to her. Click
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Major Business Agreements
Sweeping changes have occurred in recent months and in various sectors, which have impacted or will influence the drafting & negotiating of business agreements: be it Supreme Court of Canada rulings, tougher anti-corruption laws, the political landscape in Canada and the US, industry trends, or other factors.

This is now a time when business partners, buyers/sellers, consultants, government, international investors, private equity firms & even law practitioners all have different value perceptions. A more complete understanding of the various legal, regulatory, and transactional elements at play is needed. American Lawyer Media/Insight Information's Major Business Agreements provides this understanding by addressing topics such as the reduction of litigation risks, earn-out agreements, shareholder rights plans, joint ventures, doing business with First Nations, anti-corruption, and many others. CLE/CPD accreditation included.


Refine the rules
Law Times, editorial
Should justices of the peace, or judges for that matter, have their legal costs covered when they face disciplinary proceedings? On its face, it seems reasonable to suggest that if a justice of the peace does something bad, he or she should be on the hook for legal costs. But as the Justices of the Peace Review Council has pointed out, judicial independence is an important consideration.

Prizes and booby prizes for 2014
Canadian Lawyer, online
In October at an event she emceed, criminal lawyer Marie Henein joked to an audience, "As criminal lawyers we represent people who have committed heinous acts. Acts of violence. Acts of depravity. Acts of cruelty. Or as Jian Ghomeshi likes to call it, 'foreplay,'" (Bada-Boom). She now represents Jian Ghomeshi, writes Tony Wilson in his column, Letter from Law Law Land.

Culture — glue or repellent — your choice
Canadian Lawyer, online
The thought that legal culture can be quantitatively scored has caused a few eyebrows to be raised, but take it out of the scientific/mathematical context and put it into the context of the surveying of your stakeholders and it starts to have meaning, writes Stephen Mabey in his Definitely Mabey column.

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SCC re-iterates flexible approach to common issues
Canadian Lawyer, online
Kirk Baert, in his Class Acts column, takes a look at the Supreme Court of Canada's ruling in Vivendi Canada v. Dell'Aniello. Because this case arose out of Quebec, it did not receive widespread attention in the rest of Canada. However, it would be a mistake to let the importance of this case remain un- or under-appreciated.

Getting the big firm job even after coming up dry after OCIs
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
It's no secret law school ain't easy, writes Peter Rowntree. During your first year, you probably: (a) forgot what it was to have a social life; (b) started to regret your life decisions; (c) began experimenting with carbolic smoke balls; or (d) all of the above.

Should regulators report suspected crimes to police?
Law Times
The criminal justice and professional regulation systems were designed independently and have largely functioned independently of each other. But, according to Cathi Mietkiewicz in this week's Speaker Corner, it may be time for police and regulators to figure out who has jurisdiction and when and how they should report to one another. The onus is on both as protectors of the public good.

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