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Associates threatened by artificial intelligence
Law Times
It's just a matter of time before artificial intelligence and robotics put a lot of law firm associates and paralegals out of work, according to a report authored by Jomati Consultants LLP.

Anti-SLAPP legislation reintroduced in Ontario
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
The province of Ontario is trying once again to introduce legislation to stop litigation brought to stifle opposition to issues of public interest.

Lawyer who overbilled LAO spared disbarmen
Law Times
A Law Society of Upper Canada tribunal hearing panel has decided not to disbar a Grand Bend, Ont., lawyer found to have overbilled Legal Aid Ontario after concluding his actions weren't intentional.

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Emotional debate over plan for more administrative calls
Law Times
A proposal to allow prospective lawyers to skip the call to the bar ceremony started a heated debate among Law Society of Upper Canada benchers at Convocation on Nov. 28 with some calling the plan "the final coup d'état" of a profession that's continually "dumbing down."

U.S., Canadian courts intent on preventing class action havens
In August, the Second Circuit expanded the restrictions surrounding "foreign-cubed" securities lawsuits. One day earlier, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that Ontario residents could not sue BP in Ontario because only a small number of BP shares traded on the TSE.

Prof concerned about lawyers' online marketing
Law Times
As the conversation around sexual assault and how the legal system deals with it continues, a law professor at Dalhousie University's Schulich School of Law is airing her concerns about the ethics of how many criminal defence lawyers advertise their services in that area.

Sidney Linden award goes to Bill Sullivan
Law Times
Family lawyer Bill Sullivan has received Legal Aid Ontario's Sidney B. Linden award for his service to clients living in poverty. Click
here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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A bit of optimism after annus horribilis
Law Times, editorial
Next year is shaping up to be another significant one for the legal services industry. And in the meantime, with the economy showing more substantive signs of improvement and some evidence of tentative change in the profession, it looks like things will be a bit better next year as we continue to muddle along.

The dangerous right to remain silent
Canadian Lawyer, online
Today we launch Bill Trudell's new criminal law column Sidebars. In it, he writes about the "uncoupling" of defence counsel from the adversary system given the rise in unrepresented litigants. Lawyers, he says, need to "re-couple" before it is too late.

Top three holiday season networking opportunities
Canadian Lawyer, online
The holidays are an extremely busy time of year. And yet, you must breathe, focus, and seize the networking opportunities of the season! Simone Hughes offers a list of her top three holiday season networking opportunities.

Mounties landing in lots of legal trouble
Law Times
The Conservative government has given RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson a boost with Bill C-42, legislation providing sweeping powers to fire or demote Mounties, even a deputy commissioner, for "various reasons," including "economy and efficiency." Richard Cleroux, in his column, The Hill, calls it "unbridled power."

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Beware the long arm of the U.S. courts
Canadian Lawyer, online
C.W. Downer & Co. v. Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. reflects the contemporary view of American courts that actual presence in the U.S. is not required for the court to assume jurisdiction over a foreign domiciled defendant, writes Margaret Waddell in her Trials & Tribulations column.

Careful planning needed to fire the CEO
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
One of the greatest challenges in the life of an in-house counsel is to successfully navigate the multiple conflicts and other challenges raised by succession of the chief executive officer, writes Renato Pontello in his column, Practising In-house.

Are lawyers professionals?
Is the law a noble pursuit, or merely a lucrative one? Proposed changes undermine our preconceptions, writes Paul Paton in this month's Last Word column.

Rules highlight key role of tech in modern practice
Canadian Lawyer, online
In his column, The Future Files, Ben Hanuka revisits the Rules of Professional Conduct, as they relate to technology. The rules have been changed recently, with new language defining a "competent lawyer," among other things.

100 years of legal education in Manitoba
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Lorna Turnbull and Josh Shaw at the University of Manitoba document some of the history behind the university's faculty of law, as 2014 marks its centennial year.

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