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OBA to tackle mental health after president's talk of own struggles
Law Times
The Ontario Bar Association has launched a mental-health effort after its president's candid discussion of his own struggles with mental health struck a chord with many in the profession.

Serving up a strong brew of a deal
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
In this month's cover story, we take a look at the merger of Tim Hortons and Burger King. There's nothing like an unsolicited takeover bid to shake up one's summer, but when you head up the legal team at Canada's most iconic fast-food brands it brings with it more than the usual set of merger and acquisition-related challenges.

Leave to appeal granted in novel conflict of interest case
Law Times
A Toronto law firm has obtained leave to appeal an order of a judge who removed it from a case on the basis of conflict of interest even if the traditional test for a conflict wasn't met.

CBA offers tips on pandemic advice
Law Times
With the Ebola outbreak in west Africa on the minds of many people, the Canadian Bar Association has released a guideline to help lawyers advise employers on how to plan for pandemics.

Smart & Biiggar


Professional Profile: Leading change at Unifor
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
The founding convention of a new union, Unifor, was the culmination of 18 months of intense activity to unify the Canadian Auto Workers and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers as Unifor, the largest private-sector union in Canada and what Lewis Gottheil calls a "new union for the 21st century." Gottheil, who founded and (for 23 years) led the CAW's legal department, became the new entity's counsel.

Plugged in to the boutique approach
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
As the only in-house lawyer for Richmond, B.C.-based wireless communications manufacturer Sierra Systems in Canada, Robert Piasentin says using the services of a boutique firm gives him access to lawyers who are current on the latest in immigration law and can provide quick service.

The inversion backlash
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
The backlash against inversions began to heat up throughout the summer as more potential deals from companies like AbbVie, Walgreen, Mylan, and Chiquita were announced. The rhetoric reached a fever pitch in July when President Barack Obama said in his weekly radio address that inverting companies were taking advantage of an "unpatriotic tax loophole."

Are you emotionally smart?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
In Law Department Management, Patricia MacInnis writes about emotional intelligence, still a hotly debated issue in the corporate world. Now the discussion has made its way to in-house legal departments as general counsel look for ways to foster more effective relationships with their business units.

McInnes Cooper


B.C. government deals another blow to TWU law school
Canadian Lawyer 4Students
The fight is far from over for Trinity Western University and its fledgling law school. Last week, British Columbia Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk rescinded approval for TWU to offer a law degree program.

How can defence make social media their friend?
Law Times
While Canadians typically think of electronic evidence as something that normally helps the interests of the state in law enforcement matters, it can also help people defending themselves in such cases and the lawyers representing them.

Two Ontario Provincial Court judges appointed
Law Times
Two lawyers, Ferhan Javed and Kimberly Moore, will join the bench of the Ontario Court of Justice this week. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

2015 OLPB


The rise of the virtual GC
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, editorial
By the very nature of what they do, in-house counsel are more inclined to have an entrepreneurial spirit. In the last year we've met a growing list of lawyers who have considered their general counsel experience, recognized that the changing marketplace is going to reward the nimble and independent, and seized their next opportunity.

What do cloud vendors want, part 2?
Canadian Lawyer, online
Last month, Lisa Lifshitz wrote about her discussions with in-house counsel from several major public Canadian and U.S. cloud vendors in connection to the Canadian IT Law Association's Annual Meeting in October. In this month's The IT Girl column, she offers some more thoughts from them on the big issues surrounding cloud computing.

Could you benefit from coaching?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Lawyers are the group of professionals that require coaching the most, writes Jennifer Mercanti in this month's In Closing. Many lawyers are dissatisfied with certain aspects of their career decisions or progression and often question their desire to attend law school and practice law. They are working long hours and have little work-life balance. This is the exact reason why coaching is so important for this group of professionals.

Carswell - Practical Law


Canada isn't ready for an online law school
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Distance education opens up many opportunities for students. Still, Canadian law societies have insisted historically that only in-person programs of university legal education qualified their graduates for entry into bar admission programs, writes Philip Bryden in his Law School Futures column.

You've lost that successful feelin'?
Canadian Lawyer, online
2014 is ending fast. Every firm in Canada has lost some great talent this year to roles outside of private practice. The question everyone asks is "why"? Why do lawyers leave private practice? In Twila Reid's column, The Twila Zone, she offers a few simple reasons.

Gear, gadgets, and more, part 2
Canadian Lawyer, online
In David Paul's Field Notes this month, columnist David Paul focuses on accessories that help us get the most out of our devices. He also reviews some of the issues we should keep in mind, to use our technology responsibly and ethically, including security issues, law society rules, and what he calls "technology etiquette."

Strengthening the public trust in our self-governance
Law Times
Our regulator should take steps to be more transparent about investigative activities in serious cases, writes Ben Hanuka in this week's Speaker's Corner. That means keeping Ontario lawyers and the Ontario public informed about active investigations, including what steps the law society has taken and plans to take as well as the status of its activities.

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