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LAO lawyers see promise in RCMP ruling
Law Times
Legal Aid Ontario staff lawyers who've been fighting for the right to join a union say the Supreme Court's recent endorsement of collective-bargaining rights in Mounted Police Association of Ontario v. Canada (Attorney General) is a victory for them as well as the Mounties.

View 2015: Shaping the Future
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
In this month's cover story, we present our View 2015, sponsored by Blakes, where Editor Jennifer Brown talks to four in-house counsel across industries to discuss how they are dealing with more complex business challenges, often in a climate of constrained resources that requires they be both parts business and legal savvy.
Video: In the first of five videos, WestJet's Barbara Munroe talks about initiatives she has on deck.
Reflecting on View 2014 predictions

Two-year trial deadline repealed under new rule change
Law Times
Some lawyers are expressing relief following the repeal of rules that automatically dismissed actions for delay after two years if they hadn't made their way onto a trial list.

Private cash for public projects
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
For this month's Industry Spotlight, we look at P3s. As Canadian governments build hospitals, schools, and transportation in an era of budget constraint and slowing growth, they are turning to the private sector to construct, manage, maintain, and even operate a range of vastly different infrastructure projects.



Professional profile: Winning formula
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Each year, the Association of Corporate Counsel, in tandem with the International Law Office, honours the world's top in-house lawyers at its Global Counsel Awards gala in New York City. Last June, Deborah Greenberg, vice president and general counsel for Aimia, Canada the loyalty rewards management company, won the trophy in the "General Commercial" category.

The quest for the best in-house software
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Practice management, contract management, and other tools have existed for years, but selecting and deploying them seems more complex than ever. Here's how to get started.

Windsor lawyer in hot water for alleged misuse of client funds
Law Times
The Law Society of Upper Canada is seeking an interlocutory suspension of Windsor lawyer Claudio Martini's licence following an investigation into allegations that large amounts of money he had received had gone to "questionable purposes."

Letter to LSUC shines light on LPP students' plight
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
In a letter sent to the Law Society of Upper Canada Treasurer Janet Minor on Jan. 12, the Law Students Society of Ontario outlined its concerns regarding the program thus far.



A better way to work
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Law departments are growing wise to techniques to help them save time, money, and their own sanity.

Are the courts ready for technological change?
Many judges and lawyers still view artificial intelligence with skepticism, but rapidly evolving technology shows great promise. Are the courts ready for the coming push towards the use of more electronic materials in litigation?

Lawyers advised to get coverage for privacy breaches
Law Times
It's a sign of the times that professional liability insurers have started tailoring products to address privacy breaches and other costs of cyber crime.

Honorary degree for appeal court judge
Law Times
The Law Society of Upper Canada awarded Ontario Court of Appeal Justice Karen Weiler an honorary doctor of laws at its call to the bar ceremony last week. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.



An apt judicial censure
Law Times, editorial
A new Superior Court ruling demonstrates how tricky finding affordable child care can be and the legal consequences for employers who make it particularly difficult.

Better structure or simply title inflation?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, editorial
There seem to be quite a mash up of titles emerging from some large departments. Are the titles an attempt to appease and retain ambitious lawyers with their eye on the general counsel office or are they a way for the legal department to behave like any other business unit with layers of seniority?

AFAs: looking at the tip of the iceberg through the wrong end of the telescope
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Can IBM's Watson supercomputer or progeny like U of T's Ross replace the law firm partner or general counsel? No, or at least not yet, but Barry Michael Fisher, in his In Closing column, suggests there are forces at play conspiring to change that role in fundamental ways.

Not to be dismissed
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
In his Ab Initio column, Ted Flett revisits the subject of whether law students are being taken seriously, after a recent public suggestion by an elite lawyer that a second-year law student has no business questioning the integrity of another elite lawyer, regardless of the alleged conduct.

The day before Christmas
Canadian Lawyer, online
For so many, the day before Christmas is the beginning of a special time, writes Bill Trudell in his Sidebars column. Into this fleeting but spiritual trance on Dec. 24, 2014, an intruder of unexpected sadness appeared — Eddie Greenspan passed away.



Video: Making Rain — Resolutions: How will I act in 2015?
Canadian Lawyer, online
As is customary in her January episodes of Making Rain, executive coach Debra Forman provides an opportunity to commit to taking your personal success to even higher levels by pledging to uphold new business development and practice management resolutions and strategies during the upcoming year.

How to join your first board
Canadian Lawyer, online
In a previous piece, Lisa Feldstein raised the benefits of joining a non-profit board. She's had many followup questions and here expands on how lawyers can join their first boards.

It's only January and our heads are already spinning
Canadian Lawyer, online
It's only January and immigration practitioners have already forgotten all visions of sugar-plum fairies and new years fireworks, writes Jennifer Nees in her column, The Immigration Line. Immigration updates and changes continue to be fast and furious, and the brave new world of Express Entry is finally here.

You can't win 'em all
Canadian Lawyer, online
Damian Penny's Law Library column looks at the absorbing compilation Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers, in which Marie Henein, a contributor who is now in the spotlight as Jian Ghomeshi's counsel, recounts her representation of former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant when he faced a charge of dangerous driving causing death.

Rulings on CRA general duty of care a positive development
Law Times
Past decisions have always held that CRA owed a duty of care only to the minister of revenue with no private law duty of care owed to taxpayers. Two recent cases, however, may signal the end of the era of non-accountability at the CRA as a general duty of care may be developing, writes David Rotfleisch in this week's Speaker's Corner.


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