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Lawyers confused at stance on document review
Law Times
The Law Society of Upper Canada is investigating lawyers who work for document review companies to ensure what they're doing isn't legal work outside of an authorized law firm, but how it's applying the rules has confused some people.

Doing business with the bear
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
In our cover story, we look at how sanctions against Russia have affected Canadian companies. Often it's smaller Canadian companies that have found it the most challenging to cope with the rapidly changing export and financing curbs, especially after a December 2014 amendment that introduced new restrictions on exports to big sections of Russia's energy sector.

Controversies put lots on plate for Muslim women lawyers
Law Times
When Legal Aid Alberta lawyer Amna Qureshi walks into court, the hijab on her head is the last thing on her mind. There are clients to fight for who may be homeless or suffer from mental illnesses and can't afford a lawyer.

Addressing the gender gap
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
New rules now require listed companies in seven provinces and two territories to report annually on their approach to adding more women to senior-management positions and their boards of directors.

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Lawyer with sloppy office found not guilty of fraud
Law times
Superior Court judge has acquitted a former lawyer charged with fraud after finding that while he was "a model case of imprudent lawyering," he had doubts about whether he was seeking personal gain in failing to register second mortgages for clients.

The Red Rocket's litigator-in-chief
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
When you suggest to Brian Leck, the general counsel of the Toronto Transit Commission, that he's running the ultimate personal injury practice, he readily agrees. "Oh, I think so," he says. "We are a target. Toronto is becoming more and more litigious."

LSUC hoping for boost in voter turnout
Law Times
With voter turnout having lagged in recent Law Society of Upper Canada bencher elections, the regulator is hoping efforts this time around will help boost the numbers.

The state of things in Quebec
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Regulatory and compliance issues pose challenges for in-house counsel in all provinces these days, but in Quebec corporate lawyers often find they face their own set of challenges.

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The hackers have gotten in. Now what?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
The Sony Pictures cyber attack is only the latest in an increasingly high-profile set of incidents involving brand-name organizations. No surprise, then, that the role of general counsel in helping to prevent data breaches, or contribute to the response plan, will be more important in the coming year than ever before.

Data breaches and compliance keeping CLOs on their toes
Canadian Lawyer InHouse
More than one quarter of general counsel today are grappling with data breaches and it turns out Canadian in-house lawyers are more willing than their peers around the world to report them.

Risk-sharing contracts increasingly used in volatile mining market
Lexpert, online
Risk allocation in mining contracts are increasingly giving way to more collaborative and shared risk models under certain contractual arrangements in volatile market conditions, construction lawyers say.

Indcondo dispute drags on
Law Times
A 23-year-old legal dispute between a real estate developer and his bankrupt former business partner is heading for a third trip to the Ontario Court of Appeal after a partially successful fraudulent conveyance claim resulted in the voiding of two property transfers that took place more than two decades ago.

LSUC seeks $400K in costs from Kopyto
Law Times
The Law Society of Upper Canada is seeking costs of $400,000 from Harry Kopyto in relation to his unsuccessful bid for a paralegal licence. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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Let suspects dial a lawyer
Law Times, editorial
When it comes to the right to counsel, is it enough for police to ask detainees if they know of a lawyer they'd like to contact and then dial the number for them?

Looking to stretch the business muscle
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, editorial
In an era when many want to expand their skills, or do something different to try out their business acumen, but feel stymied by a lack of opportunities, the secondment approach within one's own organization seems like the best possible option for all involved.

Attacks under the guise of parliamentary privilege
Canadian Lawyer, online
There is a whole industry of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim crusaders searching for subversives under every Muslim bed, write Faisal Kutty, Naseer Syed and Hussein Hamdani.

New ruling establishes that any financial outlay is an economic loss
Law Times
A recent Financial Services Commission of Ontario arbitration decision has confirmed that any financial outlay by a service provider can qualify as an economic loss within the meaning of the definition of "incurred" in subsection 3(7)(e) of the Ontario statutory accident benefits schedule, writes Darcy Merkur in his Personal Injury Law column.

Think before you click
Canadian Lawyer, online
In her column, the IT Girl, Lisa Lifshitz writes that, while We all know it is generally a good idea never to click on that dubious, unexpected e-mail link from Canada Post, FedEx, a bank, or government department because of malware concerns, recently technology users are finding themselves wary of a newer threat: ransomware.

Carswell WLN


Cloak and dagger: privacy and defamation in social media
Canadian Lawyer, online
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects our right to freedom of expression but when parody accounts enter the realm of defamation, the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court has clearly indicated, its tolerance for levity is coming to an end, writes lawyer Kimberly Mackay.

This election is about Stephen Harper
Canadian Lawyer, online
In his Sidebars column, Bill Trudell expands on an interesting political theory that says that if an election campaign is all about someone, they will lose. In the upcoming election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper should be the issue.

Three articling myths
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Even students who have summered have probably heard stories about how different articling is, and have preconceived notions of how their lives will change over the year. Recent graduate Peter Rowntree hopes to dispel some of those myths.

Should I stay or should I go?
Canadian lawyer InHouse
In her In Closing column, Bindu Dhaliwal writes that, after a few years in-house, she's seeing colleagues struggling with the question of whether to stay in the legal group or go to another area of the business.

Case offers guidance on privilege in workplace investigations
Law Times
Superior Court Master Donald Short's recent decision in Howard v. London (City) has turned the spotlight on the importance of workplace investigations and the law with respect to privilege relating to the investigator's report, writes David Harris in this week's Speaker's Corner.

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Do you agree with the federal government's stance on the niqab at citizenship ceremonies? Click here to have your say in the weekly Law Times poll.

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Is document review legal work? Click here to have your say in our bencher election poll.



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