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Lawyer disbarred for writing fake orders
Law Times
The Law Society Tribunal disbarred a Mississauga, Ont., lawyer last week after he admitted to fabricating numerous court orders, endorsements, e-mails, and notices.

Who are the top-earning lawyers in Ontario's public sector?
Law Times
Who were the biggest earners among public-sector lawyers last year? While lawyer and Ontario Securities Commission chairman and chief executive officer Howard Wetston was the top earner this year, his salary of $703,629 was down slightly from the year before, when he earned $715,073.

Candidates weigh in on ABS
Law Times
Prominent among the issues candidates in the Law Society of Upper Canada bencher elections have been weighing in on has been the question of alternative business structures.

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CLA to push for more certificate work as rate hikes end
Law Times
As Legal Aid Ontario implements the last of a series of tariff hikes for certificate work, the next push from the private bar will be convincing LAO to invest more in certificates rather than expanding staff lawyer duties, says the Criminal Lawyers' Association.

Should prosecutors be able to run for political office?
Law Times
An Ottawa federal prosecutor is seeking judicial review of a Public Service Commission decision that bars her from running for political office.

Video: Technology, law, and innovation
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
Osgoode Hall Law School hosted its first showcase of original web application presentations for the legal profession developed by law students, as part of their final for the Legal Information Technology class.

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Stressed economy puts emphasis on insolvency work
As one senior restructuring lawyer likes to say, when the economy gets tough it's time to put away the golf clubs. Well, the clubs have been stashed for some time. But there haven't been as many of the old-style restructurings or insolvencies as you might expect given the protracted commodities slump.

Disrupting or just evolving?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Corporate law departments under pressure to cut costs may be the main driver behind a revolution in the provision of legal services, but when it comes to innovation they may be hamstrung by their own lack of budgets to pull it off themselves.

Family lawyer touts ABS despite resistance from many colleagues
Law Times
Members of the family law bar should open their minds to the prospect of alternative business structures in Ontario, says an Ottawa lawyer championing looser rules for law firm ownership.

Justice Judith Snider joins JAMS
Law Times
Former Federal Court justice Judith Snider has joined mediation and arbitration service provider JAMS. Click here to read more of this story and other news tidbits in this week's Inside Story.

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Resist the urge to settle
Law Times, editorial
Are the courts too lenient in certifying class actions in Canada? Business groups certainly think so. In a joint statement from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, the two organizations decried the courts' "lax class certification standards" and the resulting cost to business.

Creating a board of advisers: Should I or shouldn't I?
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
In his column, Practising In-house, Renato Pontello argues that applying big company practices holus bolus to start-ups and small- to medium-sized enterprises can be as inappropriate as shooting from the hip and ignoring tried and true governance practices which have benefited companies as they have scaled.

To ask or not to ask for the business
Canadian Lawyer, online
Your successful career as a lawyer will have a huge dependency on your ability to find, mind, and grow a valuable client portfolio. You can be the best at creating your personal business plan, networking, writing, and everything else . . . but if you can't "close the engagement," you lose, writes Simone Hughes in her Make it Count column.

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Time to reform rules for reviewing parenting regimes
Law Times
Custody and access cases are some of the most trying in family law both for parents and lawyers. That's even more so when the children are very young, writes Marta Siemiarczuk in her Family Law column.

New Acrobat is up in the air
Canadian Lawyer, online
There are many and significant new elements to the new version of Adobe Acrobat, both in substance and style. Since many in the legal profession work with documents in one way or another on a regular basis, it is worthwhile looking into these new features, writes Ben Hanuka in his column, The Future Files.

The sanctity of the office
The open-plan offices of Silicon Valley haven't yet made their way to Canada. Let's keep it that way, writes Paul Paton in this month's Last Word column.

Changes to patent law
Canadian Lawyer, online
Amendments to the Patent Act, which introduce a patchwork of extension periods and create more onerous requirements, underline the need to exercise caution and limit their use, writes IP lawyer Jean-Charles Grégoire. The amendments do, however, provide welcome relief in terms of missing parts and priority restoration.

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Compensation Survey - Closes May 4
Canadian Lawyer's annual Compensation Survey is now open, and this year we have expanded the survey to include staff lawyers and of counsel. We are looking for managing partners and the heads of corporate legal departments of all shapes and sizes (only one representative) to take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire. Before beginning the survey, law firms should click here and in-house departments here for instructions. Then click here to complete the survey. Results will appear in the July 2015 issue of Canadian Lawyer.

This week's Law Times poll
Are the latest improvements to the legal tariff in Ontario enough to make it viable and attractive for criminal lawyers to take on legal aid cases? Click here to have your say in the weekly Law Times poll.

Bencher election poll
Do benchers need more solicitors among their ranks? Click here to have your say in our bencher election poll.


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