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B.C. ruling on jurisdiction over Google 'disastrous'
Law Times
In the most expansive decision in the common law world to date, the B.C. Court of Appeal has upheld an order requiring Google Inc., a foreign entity that's not a named defendant in the main proceedings, to remove a company's web sites from all of its worldwide search results.

Clinic reform at critical point
Law Times
A proposal to consolidate Toronto-area legal aid clinics into a handful of organizations appears to be dead in the water as Legal Aid Ontario has reportedly withdrawn financial support and proponents consider alternatives for reorganizing the sector.

Another lawyer in hot water over service to refugee claimants
Law Times
Less than a month after its suspension of Viktor Hohots for failing to adequately represent refugee claimants, the Law Society Tribunal is holding a disciplinary hearing against another Greater Toronto Area lawyer on similar allegations.

How lawyers can harness technology
From the use of social media to specialized software, technology continues to have an impact on the way legal services are provided. Lawyers who fail to harness it risk being left behind.



A new playbook for Capital One: Accelerating the speed of legal advice
Canadian Lawyer InHouse, online
Fostering a "lean and agile" work culture has been used for years in other fast-moving industries such as tech, but Capital One's GC, Nathalie Clark, says it's a very different thing to have a legal team operating in this environment that deals primarily with the needs of getting financial products to market.

New digital privacy law imposes unworkable regulations
Canada's proposed Digital Privacy Act, aimed at helping Canadians protect their personal information online, exposes everyone from a tiny convenience store to a multinational corporation to onerous requirements they may not be able to meet, some privacy lawyers are warning.

Build an education plan and articles will come
Canadian Lawyer 4Students, online
The Law Society of Alberta is launching its new education plan, which will change the face of articling in Alberta for good.

Movement away from word 'custody' gathers steam
Law Times
The word custody may not be an expletive, but there's a growing movement to bleep it out in family law disputes.

New managing partner at Aird & Berlis
Law Times
Aird & Berlis LLP has a new managing partner with Steven Zakem taking on the role. Click
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Shining a light on racial profiling
Law Times, editorial
Amid all of the debate about random stops by police spurred by racial profiling, there was an interesting ruling from the Divisional Court last week that dealt with related issues.

BIOC the Invincible!
Canadian Lawyer, online
BIOC stands for Best Interests of the Child. The phrase BIOC diminishes the value of what the term expresses to four letters that do not connect to any intrinsic meaning, writes Ron Poulton in his Border Crossings column.

Would you like marijuana or a Pimm's No. 1 Cup?
Canadian Lawyer, online
In his Letter from Law Law Land column, Tony Wilson writes, despite the fact he supports decriminalization, the law is the law and all the retail marijuana dispensaries in British Columbia are still illegal.

Lots of room for growth in Canadian law firm governance
Canadian Lawyer, online
As law firms grow in size and complexity, traditional hands-on management and partner-dominated decision-making are no longer practical, writes corporate governance consultant Irene Seiferling in this month's Managing Partner Forum.

Surprise copyright changes have no place in omnibus budget bill
Law Times
Provisions to extend copyright protections for recorded music have no place in an omnibus budget where it is unlikely to receive the legislative attention it deserves, write media lawyers Aidan O'Neill and Ariel Thomas in this week's Speaker's Corner.

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