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on November 21, 2016
Addressing challenges faced by racialized licensees
These are very interesting times to be a lawyer in Ontario. Although the protector of justice and equity in society, the legal profession is also one of the slowest professions to actually deal with the racism and sexism that, unfortunately, is still very prevalent at all levels of our profession.
Practising In-house
on November 21, 2016
Balancing the need to specialize against covering the bases
One of the prime challenges faced by in-house counsel is balancing the increasing specialization of law with the need to continue to cover the bases in a general way. 
on November 7, 2016
How to get your daily dose of risk management
As Catherine Chow puts it, lawyers can see grey sky on a blue-sky day. That’s what makes them perfectly positioned to be the ones helping to identify risk and shepherd management of that risk in an organization.

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