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How legal can benefit from the principles of design thinking
on September 26, 2016
Law by design
Change management by design, or design thinking, may sound like a complicated business school theory but, in fact, many businesses tackle it every day. The application of it for in-house legal departments and law firms can be transformative, but it requires a serious desire to look at how things are currently being done and an equal desire to actually make change.
In-house Coach
on September 19, 2016
Lessons from the Innovatio Awards
The role of in-house counsel has changed dramatically over the last decade. Although at first it was a cost-saving strategy to bring external legal counsel in-house at lower rates, today’s in-house counsel bring much more value than just cost savings — they play a critical strategic role within their organization. The strategic value of in-house counsel was put on display at the recent Innovatio Awards. These awards, hosted by Thomson Reuters and Canadian Lawyer magazine, recognize and reward
Practicing InHouse
on September 19, 2016
Pulling off successful meetings in your in-house law department
One of the most painful yet underestimated problems of modern business is bad meetings. If not properly structured, meetings can be demotivating, alienating and unproductive.    

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September 2016, Volume 11 • Issue 5
  • Issue Date: September 2016
    Disruption in the name of greater value By Jennifer Brown It has been just three years since…
  • Written by Shane Schick
    Issue Date: September 2016
    ”Please copy and paste this as your status: I declare that my rights are attached to all my personal data,…
    • Subtitle Litigation and Arbitration
    Issue Date: September 2016
    ‘ Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” are among the last words lawyers want to hear from their clients while in the midst…
    • Subtitle Workplace Solutions
    Written by Peter Straszynski
    Issue Date: September 2016
    While the possession of marijuana in Canada remains unlawful under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, its use for medical…
    • Subtitle Intellectual Property
    Written by Matthew Norwood
    Issue Date: September 2016
    You may have heard that it’s not worthwhile to patent your company’s technology in Canada, with its smaller market, its…
    • Subtitle Industry Spotlight
    Written by Shannon Kari
    Issue Date: September 2016
    At a conference on white-collar crime in New York this spring, the deputy attorney general of the United States tried…
    • Subtitle In Closing
    Written by Imdad Ali
    Issue Date: September 2016
    The ability to continually innovate our work and its underlying processes have become requisite skills for in-house lawyers. Increasingly, in-house…
    • Subtitle Editor's Box
    Written by Jennifer Brown
    Issue Date: September 2016
    It’s been five years since I started in this job, writing about the challenges and successes of in-house counsel across…
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