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Windsor law sets the rules for Movember

|Written By Karl Schober

{module 10195}{nomultithumb}Rule #14: A moustache is its own pickup line. Rule #36: A suit makes the boy, but a moustache makes the man.

These are just some of the rules the men of the University of Windsor’s faculty of law created for their Movember campaign.

For the last three years, Windsor law has participated in the international campaign to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer, historically garnering the most of all Canadian law schools. This year the faculty raised over $10,000.

On the first day of November, the participating men — also known as “Mo Bros” — begin with a clean-shaven face and become the poster boys of the campaign for the entire month, proudly growing and grooming their moustaches for the world.

Each year, Windsor law selects a theme for its campaign and law students Harrison Cooper, James Little, and Evan Bawks, who organized the fundraiser, decided on the “Rules of Movember” to emphasize the status, confidence, and power that comes when you grow a moustache.

“Rule #41: Growing a moustache is like hitting a grand slam with your face is my favourite,” says Cooper, who adds that the campaign is a fun way to fundraise for a serious cause.

“There is a brotherhood that exists among the Mo Bros,” says Little. “I will even hear a lot of ‘nice ’stache’ from other Mo Bros on the street.” A sense of pride and fearlessness comes with growing a moustache among the Mo Bros, creating a bond between them.

Several students who participated in the recent Toronto in-firm interviews say they noticed many lawyers participating in Movember. “There was an obvious support from the law firms for Movember and it provided an opportunity to talk and laugh together during the interview,” says Mo Bro Jordan Knowles, a second-year law student.

In the halls and classrooms of Windsor law, it was difficult not to notice all the male students and faculty participating in Movember. “Windsor law has a high level of cohesion amongst its student body; we study together and we party together so it only makes sense we grow moustaches together. It’s all about moustache solidarity!” explains 2L Mo Bro Darwyn Harasyn.

Throughout the month, organizers held various fundraising events, the largest being a calendar featuring photos of the Mo Bros posing to the theme of each rule. For example, for the month of March, students posed as pilots in front of an airplane at Windsor International Airport to correspond with Rule #8: A moustache is the only wingman you’ll ever need. The Mo Bros also received assistance from their female classmates in the calendar, who posed in several of the photos.

Not to be left out, the women at Windsor law, the “Mo Sistas,” supported their Mo Bros and raised money by wearing a fake moustache for a day. Second-year law student Kamila Podbielski says it was an opportunity for the women to support their male classmates and sport their very own fuzzy upper lip.

However, it is the final event on the last day of the campaign that many women look forward to — when they can pay to shave off those moustaches. “Despite knowing it is for a good cause, women are often repulsed by the moustache. Many girlfriends are likely very eager to grab a razor and shave off their boyfriend’s moustache on Dec. 1,” says Little.

[em]Karl Schober is a second-year law student at the University of Windsor.

[/em]All photos by Evan Bawks.

  • RE: Windsor law sets the rules for Movember

    Would have been nice if you had included a link to the full set of rules. Are they already available online?
  • RE: RE: Windsor law sets the rules for Movember

    Heather G
    All of the rules are included in the cutlines for the photos in the slideshow above that correspond with each month of Windsor law's Movember calendar.
  • RE: Windsor law sets the rules for Movember

    pop cause... an excuse to draw (unnecessary) attention. I wonder how many of those students actually carried out the purpose behind this pop cause (go to the doctor for a checkup)
  • Well done law schools.

    Well done Windsor Law. Looks like Canadian law schools have done well to show that this generation of lawyers do care about good causes like Movember.

    Hope this momentum continues next year. Lets see if you can catch our 19,000... nearly 20,000 from this year, next year!

    uOttawa Movember Team
  • RE: Well done law schools.

    We ARE, Western U!
    Well seeing as how OttawaU has over 460 students in each general year of the common and civil law sections then add in masters, conversion to common from civil, and Windsor has about 150 students... Id say proportionately Windsor killed you there bud...

    Now we raised over 5,000 at Western, okay not as great.. but we had way more fun than both of you! haa
  • RE: RE: Well done law schools.

    Why don't you tell Movember foundation that proportionally UO was beaten by Windsor - I'm sure they'll care plenty!