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From the editor - Brave new waves

|Written By Gail J. Cohen

Many of my generation grew up listening to Brave New Waves late at night on the CBC. We learned a lot about music, life, and more.

For many teens, it was an invaluable and important part of finding our place in the world and of understanding it better. For many lawyers in their first few years of practice, there is a sense of wonder, fear, excitement, concern, even confusion — just like being a teenager but with more education and sizeable student loans.

Our aim with launching a magazine for associates is to give young lawyers a vehicle to both help navigate the myriad paths of your chosen profession but also to provide a sounding board for the ideas and thoughts of new lawyers across Canada.

In the following pages we have a sampling of what is to come. But we need your help. Over the next couple of months, I will be putting together an editorial board of associates from around the country. I am also looking for ideas, columnists, and general input from our readers to help us make Canadian Lawyer Associates a meaningful and useful resource. If you’re interested in getting involved or contributing, please contact me via e-mail at or at 905-713-4385. I look forward to hearing from you.