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Law Games host wins Athletic Cup

Laval team takes prize for first time ever
|Written By Amélie Guité-Lévesque and Geneviève Grey
Law Games host wins Athletic Cup
The University of Saskatchewan’s team won the legendary Spirit Cup.

Students from 17 law faculties across Canada met up in full force at the Quebec City 2011 Law Games last week. Approximately 650 future lawyers competed head-to-head in various academic and sporting events.

The University of Saskatchewan took the lead, heading home with the legendary Spirit Cup and first place at the fun games. Laval University, the host delegation, won the Athletic Cup for the first time in history. As well, McGill University dazzled the judges’ panel with its glow-in-the-dark performance at the talent show and won the moot court contest.

Special mention goes out to the University of Manitoba and University of Western Ontario delegations for their outstanding performance at the pub crawl despite the freezing cold that night. And we cannot forget Western’s big win at the video contest.

“We had an amazing time playing sports, partying with the other schools, and participating in the fun games! This Law Games were by far the best our school has ever attended!” said Saskatchewan’s Peter Kazman.

The 2011 Law Games would not have been a success without the remarkable work of more than 20 volunteers, who worked day and night in collaboration with the organizing committee to ensure the activities went off without a hitch.

“Everything went without reproach,” said Gavin Leitch of the University of Moncton.

Laval’s sports stadium was literally on fire with delegates cheering for their teammates playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, hockey, soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, water polo, kin-ball, kickball, and flag football in the snow.

The evening events, which took place in the heart of upper Quebec City, remain among the greatest moments of the week. Events include the revolutionary Headphones party, the theme night where each delegation transformed their members into popular cartoon characters, and the final ball, which took place in the beautiful Old Port.

The bar is set very high for 2012.