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You want to know what?!

|Written By Heather Gardiner
You want to know what?!
Illustration: Paul Dotey

The on-campus interview process could very well be the most stressful event in a law student’s life. So much time and preparation goes into it, and no matter how ready you think you are, sometimes you can never be prepared for the curve balls an interviewer might throw at you. 4Students asked law students, lawyers, and other members of the legal profession what was the weirdest question they had ever been asked in an interview with a law firm. Here are the most bizarre — some are quite shocking — questions we received:

Blair Bowen, a partner at Toronto firm Fogler Rubinoff LLP:

“You’re black, so you must come from a poor family?” (That was in 1983.)

Stacey Hsu, a University of Ottawa law student:

“Have you thought about when you want to have kids?”

Brian Radnoff, a partner at Lerners LLP:

“I see you studied accounting. Why don’t you want to be an accountant?”

Sean Sinclair, a partner at Robertson Stromberg LLP in Saskatoon:

“If you were a piece of fruit, what kind of fruit would you be?”

Robert Buisson, corporate counsel at Red River College in Winnipeg:

“Whether I played hockey. When I said I was a goalie, they stated they already had one, and asked if I could play defence.”

Cheryl Stephens, a legal communications consultant:

“Are you willing to be our receptionist?”

Gjergji Hasa, a recent graduate of McGill University Faculty of Law:

“What kind of cheese do you like?” (Apparently the interviewers could tell about one’s personality from the type of cheese he/she likes.)

Navratan Fateh, a student-at-law at Kang & Co. in Surrey, B.C.:

“Why would you want to be a lawyer at such a young age, shouldn’t you wait?”(I have completed law school and my master’s, what else should I wait for?)

Christine Roth, who practises in Toronto:

“How is your English?”

Jenny Bogod, a University of Ottawa law student:

“How would you explain torts to a six-year-old?”

Shannon McHugh, a University of Windsor law student:

“Have you ever known someone to be personally injured?” (asked by an insurance/personal injury firm)[em]

The most awkward question of all:[/em]Philippe-Olivier Daniel, who is articling at Norton Rose Canada LLP:

“Imagine that a senior partner comes to ask for your help for the weekend because there is a deal that needs to be closed before Monday. Unfortunately, on that given weekend is your brother’s wedding. What do you do?”

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    Those are nothing compared to some of the questions/comments I've gotten.
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    Rebecca L
    I'd like to hear people's imaginative (or absolutely offended) responses to those questions!