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Top Ontario public service in-house counsel earns $446,513

|Written By Jennifer Brown

More than 500 in-house counsel made the province of Ontario’s “sunshine list” of public sector employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2012.

Lawyers working for the Ontario Securities Commission, children’s aid societies across the province, universities, the attorney general’s office, public utilities, and municipalities dominated the list.

The top 25 earners include the senior vice president, law and general counsel for Ontario Power Generation, David Brennan at $446,513, followed by Ontario Pension Board SVP, corporate affairs and general counsel, R. Paul Edmonds at $395,903 and Walter Fioravanti with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. at $329,961. Slightly lower down the ladder was Joseph Agostino, the general counsel for Hydro One at $296,875 followed by Monica Kowal, GC for the Ontario Securities Commission at $295,824, and Michael Lyle, vice president and general counsel of Ontario Power Authority who earned $281,590.

The organizations with the most people in the over-$100,000 club included the OSC with more than 85 lawyers, while Ontario Power Generation clocks in at 17, and Hydro One with 12.

Taxable Benefits
Brennan, David Ontario Power Generation Senior Vice President, Law General Counsel $446,513.73 $5,140.74
Edmonds, R. Paul Ontario Pension Board Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs & General Counsel $395,903.51 $401.40
Fioravanti, Walter Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation Senior Vice President Legal Regulatory Compliance General Counsel Corporate Secretary $329,961.34 $19,762.84
Agostino, Joseph Hydro One General Counsel $296,875.29 $2,390.76
Kowal, Monica Ontario Securities Commission General Counsel $295,824.09 $1,691.32
Lyle, Michael Ontario Power Authority General Counsel & Vice President, Legal, Aboriginal & Regulatory Affairs $281,590.33 $899.94
Timberg, Margaret Ontario Power Generation Assistant General Counsel $272,821.09 $1,644.48
Moate, Steven University of Toronto Senior Legal Counsel to the President $267,951.96 $407.88
Farrugia, Marylee Ontario Infrastructure & Lands Corporation Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary $263,856.60 $14,699.40
Stewart, Roy Independent Electricity System Operator General Counsel & Corporate Secretary $262,445.95 $1,399.68
Aldred, Mary anne Ontario Energy Board General Counsel, Legal Services & Board Secretary of the Ontario Energy Board $253,305.69 $3,844.17
Martin gorelle, Krista Ontario Securities Commission Associate General Counsel $245,622.80 $961.95
Mathias, Carlton Ontario Power Generation Assistant General Counsel $245,597.10 $1,123.20
Gillespie, Nora University of Toronto Legal Counsel to Office of Vice President & Provost & Vice President Human Resources & Equity $244,202.52 $306.00
Engelberg, Michael Hydro One Assistant General Counsel $243,532.61 $1,920.96
Boswell, Matthew Ontario Securities Commission Senior Litigation Counsel $238,606.90 $1,107.12
Abrams, Brenda e. Workplace Safety & Insurance Board General Counsel & Vice President Compliance Services & Corporate Secretary $238,343.86 $5,702.94
Martin, Bella University Health Network Chief Risk Officer & General Counsel $237,070.40 $28,638.99
Crown, Rod Hydro One Assistant General Counsel $236,652.12 $633.36
Pasieka, Paulene Ontario Power Generation Assistant General Counsel $236,511.05 $1,082.88
Bourgeois, Donald Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario General Counsel & Director $235,339.11 $11,032.18
Harkness, Dickson Ontario Power Generation Assistant General Counsel $232,907.52 $550.08
Band, Martine Ontario Energy Board Associate General Counsel, Legal Services $230,839.40 $1,144.29
Britton, Matthew Ontario Securities Commission Senior Litigation Counsel $229,088.82 $917.12
Kinastowski, Anna City of Toronto City Solicitor $227,436.38 $13,695.44

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