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March, 2019
  • Sizing up AI for in-house

    Elisabeth Demone is no stranger to artificial intelligence. The chief legal officer at Symcor, one of Canada’s leading financial processing services providers, is keenly familiar with the potential AI has to offer.
  • Advancing the business

    Like many companies in Quebec these days, the Metro Supply Chain Group is growing rapidly as demand for its fundamental logistics services rises to meet the global movement of goods internationally.
  • Risky business: what is the scope of your indemnity?

    More than a half century after a river system in northwestern Ontario was contaminated by mercury poisoning from a pulp and paper plant, there are still health problems for members of two First Nations communities who live in the region.


  • Providing clarity in the cannabis sector

    Providing clarity in the cannabis sector

    In an industry that is struggling on a daily basis to interpret the regulations as set out by Health Canada, those in the cannabis sector work each day to determine if what they are doing complies with what the regulator has set out.
  • Finding my ‘fit’ at CMHC

    Finding my ‘fit’ at CMHC

    The case for diversity and inclusion is clearly established: we know that it drives the bottom line, generating different perspectives and ideas, increasing productivity and creating safe, respectful and healthy work cultures.
  • Legal ops 101: Find your data

    Legal ops 101: Find your data

    Jean-Francois Denis recalls the first time he asked for data from the legal department at Bombardier Inc. when he was trying to figure out what was being spent and how much work was being sent to external law firms.
  • Back to basics

    Back to basics

    For lawyers who practise insurance defence in personal injury cases, both in-house and external counsel, the past 12 months have not been marked by landmark Supreme Court decisions or other major developments that impact this area of the profession on a daily basis.


  • Jennifer Brown

    The future is about adaptability

    When people talk about innovation in the legal market, a couple of themes inevitably come to mind: technology and a change in the way clients obtain legal services. But at the crux of all of this is not tech or billable hours — it’s about the people and how they will need to adapt to change.
  • Redwater Ruling’s implications for oil and gas lending

    Orphan Well Association profoundly changes the treatment of environmental obligations in insolvencies and may impact the availability of capital to the natural resources sector and the functioning of the insolvency system.
  • Jean Patrick Dallaire

    Quittances and statutory declarations

    Contractors are generally required to provide quittances (total or partial, as the case may be) and/or statutory declarations regarding the distribution of progress payments and the release of holdbacks for both themselves and their subcontractors.
  • Best practices to manage AI risk with IP

    Companies implementing artificial intelligence technology often face unique intellectual property issues.


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