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January, 2019
  • Litigation Legal Report

    Blockchain justice

    While litigation surrounding blockchain has so far almost entirely centred around crypto-currencies, that’s expected to change.
  • Boutique Firm Rankings

    Family dynamics: Top Ten Wills, Trusts and Estates Boutiques

    When negotiating, arranging and implementing wills, trusts and estates, the unique dramas accompanying a family are growing in intricacy.
  • Boutique Firm Rankings

    Fighting for the tax payer: Top Ten Tax Boutiques

    Tax boutiques represent a wide variety of clients, but they all take a public policy perspective
  • Intellectual Property Legal Report

    Protecting cannabis IP

    Canadian cannabis growers and retailers are expanding their businesses, in part through mergers and acquisitions, while more players are entering the market. All are turning to intellectual property lawyers to help protect their patents, trademarks and plant breeder’s rights.
  • Cover Story

    The Charter under assault

    In the weeks after the federal government and all the provinces except Quebec agreed on the terms for a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, many of the stories that were published in major media outlets were less than positive about this significant addition to the Constitution.
  • Boutique Firm Rankings

    Embracing change: Top Ten Insurance Defence Boutiques

    Insurance defence boutiques are increasingly specializing in new emerging areas to stay ahead


  • Avoiding real estate litigation

    Real Estate

    Avoiding real estate litigation

    While mediation is used to resolve real estate issues extensively in some parts of the country, such as British Columbia and Ontario, it is not as common in others, such as the Maritimes, Manitoba or Saskatchewan, according to the ADR Institute of Canada.
  • One bad lawyer

    Cross Examined

    One bad lawyer

    “I wanted to be a rock star. And I became a lawyer along the way.”


  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    Green eggs and securities ham

    There are countless inspirational sayings, profound parables and charming children’s tales about co-operation. And there are comparatively few on constitutional law.
  • Kate Simpson

    Legal Innovation Now

    Building knowledge management

    These are the three key reasons that lead many to initiate a knowledge management strategy: enabling efficiencies, continuous improvement and managing risk.
  • Jim Middlemiss

    Taking on Big Law

    When it comes to examining the business of law, the media often places too much emphasis and focus on Big Law and metrics that apply more to Bay Street or Wall Street than main street.
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Breaking the Charter’s glass

    Yes, the Charter is under attack. And politicians may be “breaking the glass” in what most would agree is not an emergency. But defenders of the Charter should keep in mind that even if the glass is broken, the words underneath are still there.
  • Gillian Hnatiw

    Why the Kavanaugh hearings hit home

    The Kavanaugh hearings amplified what women who experience harassment every day know: that calling out this type of behaviour is still putting yourself on the line.


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