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March, 2018
  • Industry braces for new Quebec environmental rules

    Both the spirit and notion of social acceptability are major driving forces behind the sweeping changes to Quebec’s environmental impact assessment and review regime that are set to come into effect this month.
  • Paralegals in family law

    Paralegals are poised to have more of a role in family law disputes despite resistance from the bar. For Marshall Yarmus, the end of a decade-long journey is finally in sight.
  • Patenting artificial intelligence

    Demand for AI patents is growing exponentially as the pace of innovation accelerates. In October, Saudi Arabia became the first country in the world to grant citizenship to a robot.
  • Sunny times ahead: Top 10 Quebec regional firms

    Business is booming for Quebec’s top law firms, with a robust economy, government spending and exciting technologies bubbling up.
  • Grading Trudeau on justice reform

    While the Liberal government has moved forward with some reforms, many promises remain unfulfilled.


  • Splitting the family home

    Splitting the family home

    While venturing out into the real estate market to purchase a new home may seem like a constructive way to start life anew after a marital split, a series of landmines await the unwary divorced person.
  • Opening the academy

    Opening the academy

    The changing architecture at Osgoode Hall exemplifies Lorne Sossin’s vision of a more outwardly focused law school.
  • New NSBS head focused on the future

    New NSBS head focused on the future

    For the first time in almost three decades, the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society has a new executive director. Lawyers in the province can expect new leadership and a new legal landscape.


  • Philip Slayton

    China’s dual bar

    China’s legal profession has two faces: One is a functioning commercial bar, the other is an oppressive arm of the state.
  • Kate Simpson

    Legal Innovation Now

    How to be a legal entrepreneur

    Lawyers have many helpful attributes, but their aversion to ambiguity needs to be overcome.
  • Jim Middlemiss

    Driverless cars will clip litigators

    Personal injury lawyers beware; the driverless car will likely wipe out automobile litigation as we know it today.
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Trudeau’s efforts at justice reform

    Has Justin Trudeau followed through on his promises for justice reform? Now that he is more than halfway through his elected term, we decided to give him a report card.
  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    M&A drug wars

    With the rapidly growing capitalization of publicly traded marijuana industry companies and the pace of consolidation in that space, a litigated M&A dispute between industry participants was fairly foreseeable.


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