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March, 2019
  • Emerging practice area: Technology

    Tech support: law firms lining up to take advantage of tech boom

    “Technology has no boundaries. Everything either is touched by it or will be in the future.”
  • Emerging practice area: Cannabis

    The green gold rush

    Since the federal government’s Cannabis Act was passed into law in October, which legalized the recreational use of cannabis, the gold rush of activity in the sector has only intensified.
  • Regional Law Firm Rankings

    Change breeds opportunity: Top 10 Ontario Regional Firms

    Despite a rollercoaster stock market, tariffs and trade renegotiations and a new provincial government, Ontario’s top regional firms have had a prosperous year and expect more of the same for 2019.
  • Cover Story

    Protecting Canada’s elections

    When Yves Côté became commissioner of Canada Elections nearly seven years ago, enforcing Canada’s elections law was straightforward.


  • Pop-up legalities

    Real Estate

    Pop-up legalities

    Despite the increasing popularity of online sales, the continued need for a tactile, hands-on shopping experience has led to the increasing popularity of pop-up shops in both malls and street-front spaces.
  • Debunking pseudo-science

    Cross examined

    Debunking pseudo-science

    For those trained in the sciences and the practice of law, where skepticism, logical reasoning and critical thinking are the most closely held tools to guide them through life, it’s vexing to witness seemingly intelligent people duped by pseudo-scientific nutrition advice and treatments for illnesses with no evidence of effectiveness.


  • Neill May

    Banking on Corporate

    Root for the Forum Conveniens Team

    Home court advantage is a much-discussed critical advantage in sports. In other contexts, home court also has clear benefits, including familiarity, efficiency and convenience.
  • Kate Simpson

    Legal Innovation Now

    Ethics before algorithms

    There has been much written on the topic of ethics in artificial intelligence and innovation recently.
  • Jim Middlemiss

    Legal spending is up

    Early spring is traditionally a time when money is front and centre. The federal and provincial governments release their budgets, companies issue annual reports and prepare first-quarter numbers and law firms pay partners their previous year’s profits.
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    Public servants in the spotlight

    When people ask me who my typical reader at Canadian Lawyer is, my response is that the name says it all. We write about and for all kinds of lawyers in Canada, in all parts of the country.
  • Hadiya Roderique

    Back Page

    Clinical education should be a requirement

    Having required clinical education is a win-win.


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