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May, 2017
  • Protecting trade secrets

    IP lawyers say Canada lacks proper legal protections for trade secrets, so vigilance is key. When Facebook was recently ordered to pay a half-billion dollars to ZeniMax Media over a trade secrets violation, the case highlighted the risks inherent in acquiring companies with trade secrets in sectors such as technology and manufacturing. And with the ascendancy of digital technology and the increased mobility of employees, it is easier than ever for trade secrets to be taken and used for the development of competing products.
  • The chosen alternatives

    Demand for alternative dispute resolution growing in wake of Jordan. According to the lawyers at the arbitration chambers on the top 10 list who spoke to Canadian Lawyer, we’re on the cusp of an alternative dispute resolution revolution.
  • Evolving with clients - Part 2

    Top Personal Injury Boutiques Part 2: Here is the final half of the top 10 personal injury boutiques, listed alphabetically.
  • Evolving with clients - Part 1

    From new challenges to old foes, the personal injury bar is nothing if not adaptable. The personal injury bar is facing a host of issues right now. A continuous reduction in accident benefits is a constant challenge, delays in access to the courts because of R. v. Jordan is a significant roadblock and, of course, especially in Ontario, there is the hot-button issue of misleading advertising.
  • Court Delays

    R. v. Jordan was a wakeup call, but did it really address root causes? Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Paul Belzil was asked to decide earlier this year whether a delay of approximately 33 months before trial was sufficient to stay charges against three men facing multiple offences including robbery and aggravated assault.
  • Incenting securities snitches

    Will financial rewards to whistleblowers from the OSC help or hinder companies from complying with securities laws? On the way to her office one morning in early March, Nadia Campion glanced up at the digital display in the elevator she had just entered and noticed an ad for a snitch program that has caused more than one client to pick up the phone and call her.


  • Client surveys

    Client surveys

    Getting feedback from your client or potential client is important, but it needs to be done properly. Information is key for both law firms and clients. And while companies gather data about the firms and the lawyers with whom they work, often without their knowledge, there is concern that lawyers don’t do the same. Yet that information is available, ready for the taking.
  • A passionate call to action

    A passionate call to action

    Harold Johnson’s new book examines the history of alcohol and indigenous people. Johnson, a Cree lawyer, is far from stupid. But when he was younger, working as a logger and a miner across Northwestern Canada, he had to prove it.


  • Jim Middlemiss

    Suing leviathans, a.k.a. taxpayers

    In case you haven’t noticed, there is a public law litigation boom in Canada currently underway. Hardly a week goes by without a news story indicating some government or public institution is either being sued or has settled a big-ticket piece of litigation.
  • Tim Wilbur

    Editor's Desk

    The solution to court delays

    Did the Supreme Court of Canada help anything when it released R. v. Jordan last July, giving courts a timeline before criminal charges are stayed due to delay? Regardless of how you answer that question, you can’t deny that the decision has had an effect. The SCC essentially launched a grenade into the debate about trial delays and how to fix them.
  • Kate Simpson

    Legal Innovation Now

    Design thinking

    We can wow our clients by shifting our mindset when we solve legal problems. Simple questions and simple problems require simple answers and simple solutions. Our world, however, is often more complex than that. And complexity needs us to think more innovatively and to find creative ways to solve the problems that arise.


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