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Dal wins annual east coast law school hockey tourney

|Written By Gail J. Cohen
unb moncton
University of New Brunswick v. Unversity of Moncton

For the fourth year in a row, the law school hockey?teams from Dalhousie University, the University of New Brunswick, and the University of?Moncton, as well as alumni teams from each law school competed in the Law School Hockey Tournament. It was held over the weekend in Halifax

dal unb
Dalhousie Unversity v. Unversity of New Brunswick


This ?year, the Moncton alumni team was not able to get enough players together,?so a second Dalhousie Law team participated.??The tournament rotates among the three cities, and there is always a social?gathering afterwards.

Adam Rodgers, a partner at Bourdrot Rodgers Law Offices in Port Hawkesbury, N.S. was at the tourney playing on the Dal alumni team. He reports: “It is actually very good hockey, considering the?profession of the players!”

This year, Dalhousie won the tourney. The Dal alumni team lost to UNB alumni in the semis.

Thanks to Rodgers for sending Legal Feeds a couple of photos of the event.




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