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Lawyers on the election

|Written By Gail J. Cohen

With the dust settling on last night’s Conservative majority win, here are some thoughts from lawyers about what they think the win (and losses) mean. There’s likely more to come but this will give readers a bit to chew on right now.

"Michael Ignatieff, Jean Augustine, Privilege and the Demise of the Liberal Party of Canada" from Ernest J. Guiste.

"The Conservative Majority: What Next for Digital Policies?" by Michael Geist.

"An uncertain trumpet — why the liberals lost . . . and how we can win again" by James Morton, an unsuccesful Liberal candidate in last night’s election.

"Harper Government Should Consider NDP Tech Policies" by David Canton on Slaw.

"Harper and the Supreme Court" by Damian Penny.

"Congrats to the Tories, the NDP. Is Tory Majority 'Undemocratic?'” by David Doorey.




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