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Osgoode Hall Law School takes a stand against racism

|Written By Gail J. Cohen

Joining a growing campaign to combat racism, members of the Osgoode Hall Law School community — including dean Lorne Sossin — today donned hoodies in memory of Trayvon Martin.

Martin, an unarmed black teen walking home from the store, was shot dead by George Zimmerman on Feb. 26 in Florida.

“Over the ensuing weeks, the pervading rhetoric has been that this would not have occurred if Trayvon was not wearing a hoodie. In response to this rhetoric, communities across North America have donned hoodies in memory of Trayvon and to trouble the notion that it was the hoodie that led to his death,” The Black Law Students Association at Osgoode said in a press release.

“As black law students, and as members of the broader Osgoode community, we encourage fellow members of the legal community to end impunity for racial profiling. Wearing a hoodie is not an invitation to shoot, or to investigate an individual and neither should their race. Today, we stand in solidarity with Trayvon and his family.”

The association noted that the “smear campaign” being waged against Martin speaks to the pervasiveness of racism in the American legal system.

  • RE: Osgoode Hall Law School takes a stand against racism

    This is funny. I went to Osgoode and racism was prevalent among whites and south asians. Black jokes at parties, etc. Biased faculty, etc/ This picture might make you think differently though eh?
  • patty
    I feel for the boy`s family and the police officer.

    Let`s let the boy rest in peace.

  • RE: Osgoode Hall Law School takes a stand against racism

    Regulus de Leo
    I agree with the above comment that students instead of supporting the presumption of innocence and the rule of law have prejudged this case in which charges have not even been laid and where American race baiters (Sharpton, Spike Lee) have supported their own brand of vigilante justice.

    Anyone remember the racial narrative of the Duke Lacrosse case which fell to piece when actual facts came to light?

    Left wing law students like nothing more than to make an empyy show of 'courage' rather than employ critical detachment and real 'diversity' of thought.

    Disappointed indeed!
  • RE: Osgoode Hall Law School takes a stand against racism

    This whole article, and indeed the "movement", is premised on the fact that this shooting has anything to do with racism. Given that no facts have actually been released it is embarrassing to find this whole case prejudged. I would assume most would agree that a black youth could be shot by a non-black man without racism being involved at all.
    I would expect more impartiality from a group that will one day be required to exercise judgement before making decisions and indeed advocating for anything.
    The death of Trayvon Martin is sad indeed but wearing a hoodie at the moment is a symbol of ignorance and prejudgement rather than "taking a stand" against racism.
  • Kay
    It's clear you are unfamiliar with the the way this matter has unfolded so far. I suggest you go to or ta na-hisi coates' blog on before attempting to speak with any intelligence on the matter. Positions like yours require a level of wilful blindness to the facts as well as the significant cultural context of a black minor being shot on his way home with only a bag of skittles, a bottle of iced tea and a cell phone in in his hands.

    perhaps you could imagine a 17 year old you cared about being shot under these circumstances by an armed neighbourhood watchman who was directed by the 911 operator NOT to follow him. this may help you access your humanity and a more appropriate perspective on the matter.

    in the meantime, some research may be necessary before you take this absurd position.




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