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This week at the SCC

|Written By Heather Gardiner

The Supreme Court of Canada starts its spring session tomorrow. Here are the scheduled appeals for this week.

April 11 — Quebec — Personne désignée B v. R.

Criminal law: This case is central to the crackdown of an organized crime ring in Quebec. Ten people were arrested based on information from the applicant. In question is whether the applicant had police informer status. There is a publication ban and sealing order in the case.

April 12 — Manitoba — Robert Joseph Kociuk v. R.

Criminal law: Robert Joseph Kociuk was convicted of first-degree murder while committing a sexual assault. DNA profiling was used to convict him in this 1984 “cold case” murder. On appeal, Kociuk claimed that the trial judge did not adequately put the theory of the defence to the jury. The majority of the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal.

April 13 — Alberta — Adrian John Walle v. R.

Criminal law: Adrian John Walle was convicted of second-degree murder. On appeal, he argued he should have been convicted of manslaughter, and his developmental delays and alcohol consumption should have been considered. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal.





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