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Dean Levitt resigns from UNB law

|Written By Jennifer Brown

Dr. Jeremy Levitt, the dean of law at the University of New Brunswick is voluntarily resigning his position at the school effective immediately.

The administration at UNB says Jeremy Levitt has resigned, but will be on research leave until July 31.
The administration at UNB says Jeremy Levitt has resigned, but will be on research leave until July 31.

A short statement from UNB indicates: “At Dr. Levitt’s request, he will be on research leave until July 31, 2015, so as to allow him to complete ongoing research activities and speaking engagement commitments on behalf of the university. Dr. Levitt has decided to leave UNB in order to return to, and help advance, his home institution in Florida following completion of those commitments.”

The statement goes on to say Levitt offered to voluntarily resign because “he believes that it is in the best interests of his family and himself as well as that of the students, alumni, and faculty of UNB Law,” said Tony Secco, vice president Fredericton (Academic) at UNB.

The university was not commenting further on the matter today but will be issuing a statement about the law school tomorrow morning.

As Legal Feeds reported last month, the Faculty of Law and its students have been waiting for weeks to find answers as to why Levitt took a leave of absence in January, just four months after taking on the role.

During the same time period the university also saw associate dean Janet Austin resign that position, but stay on at the law school. As well, two others took medical leave.

On March 2, University of Windsor law professor Neil Gold released his independent report to the school based on interviews with those at the law school. The CBC reported Gold was looking at the “working relationships and interactions” at the law school including “alleged harassment by the dean,” an accusation made in a grievance filed through the faculty union.

UNB has stated that the report is confidential and it will not be released.

Updated March 18: Clarified number of professors on medical leave.

  • To be clear

    Please note that Acting Associate Dean Janet Austin resigned as a show of SUPPORT for Dean Levitt.




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