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LSUC pushes members online for Ontario Reports

|Written By Jennifer Brown

Anyone wanting to flip through the physical pages of the Ontario Reports will have to fork out $225.
Like many publications these days, it seems the Ontario Reports are moving to more digital distribution, announcing recently that those who still want a paper copy will now have to pay “a nominal fee” each year on top of the fees they already pay to the Law Society of Upper Canada to get their hands on a hard copy.

Some lawyers say they still like flipping through the paper version of the ORs for the latest news on who is doing what and what jobs are available. With LSUC and insurance fees hovering around $5,000 a year, some are questioning the extra charge.

According to law society spokesperson Susan Tonkin, 48,000 lawyers and paralegals receive the electronic version of the Ontario Reports at no cost.

Last week, those who still are receiving the hard copy received an e-mail notifying them that after July 1, licensees and others who wished to continue to receive a hard copy, can make arrangements and pay a fee of $225 directly with LexisNexis. Otherwise, they’d be getting the digital edition e-mailed them to each week, at no additional charge.

Tonkin says the change to charging for the ORs "is in keeping with the preference of most readers, who are already accessing the digital version of the Ontario Reports.”

The change also reflects declining advertising revenues and was approved in February 2016.

LexisNexis will be communicating directly with readers about this change.

There is also an iTunes app for the weekly Ontario Reports.

Update 4:30 pm: More information added on the reason for the changes.




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