refugee applicants

  • SCC forces habeus corpus into the scandalous immigration detention review process

    May 20, 2019

    In Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness) v. Chhina, 2019 SCC 29, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the ancient writ of habeas corpus as having direct application to non-citizens held in immigration detention — held as in held and held and held and held for lengthy, protracted periods of detention with no apparent hope of release

  • The Federal Court slices and dices more Harper law

    Apr 15, 2019

    Canadian Courts have been systematically erasing the Harper legacy in immigration and refugee law since Harper relinquished power to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his crew in 2015 – and rightly so. Now we have a new rebuke of human rights law carrying the stain of political whims – an apt description of how Harper’s government carried on refugee law. Whims usually don’t lead to smart decision-making. Perhaps even less so when those whims are politically driven, and not based on reason, logic or any sense of compassion.

  • Remove disputed portions to ensure success of cyber-bullying act: report

    Jun 23, 2014