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  • B.C. booms

    B.C. booms

    Apr 9, 2018

    Opportunities for lawyers abound in British Columbia as smaller centres attract legal talent and Vancouver continues to grow. Canadian Lawyer's B.C. Regional Report examines the legal economy in the province.

  • B.C. woman with criminal past can proceed with law career

    B.C. woman with criminal past can proceed with law career

    Dec 18, 2017

    A British Columbia woman who acknowledges a past addiction to crystal meth and former life dealing drugs has been allowed to proceed with her career as a lawyer, according to a recent decision by a Law Society of British Columbia hearing panel.

  • This week at the SCC

    Nov 27, 2017

    The Supreme Court of Canada will hear six appeals this week, including two sets of companion cases: the first related to first degree murder convictions in the death of an Alberta child in 2011, and the second related to two law societies’ refusals to accredit Trinity Western University’s law school. The remaining (civil) appeals each involve jurisdiction; they are from the Canadian Human Rights Commission in its application for judicial review pursuant to the Indian Act and the Canadian Human Rights Act; and from Israel’s Haaretz newspaper in a defamation case heard in Ontario.

  • LSBC launches tour for input into law firm regulation

    Feb 2, 2016