Advocating for diversity in-house

As the director, legal counsel for Choice Properties REIT in Toronto, 33-year-old commercial real estate lawyer Jennifer Asnani juggles her in-house role with her duties as the president of the South Asian Bar Association of Toronto — all while striving to promote diversity and mentorship opportunities in the legal profession.



  • Moving 
in tandem 
with growth

in tandem 
with growth

    From banking and manufacturing to tech and insurance, these in-house counsel are focused on the changing business objectives of the companies they serve.
  • Getting billing data under control

    Getting billing data under control

    When Aniz Alani arrived at the City of Abbotsford in early 2017 as the municipality’s first in-house counsel, he quickly identified one area in particular he knew he needed to get some control over — managing the bills coming in from external law firms.