The Perfect Storm: 4th Annual Canadian Lawyer InHouse/ACC roundtable - Video 5

  • A serious purpose

    John G
    It could be worth pointing out that the restrictions on Canadian spending during campaigns has a serious purpose, upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada: to prevent those with huge amounts of money from swamping public debate on election issues. Are the amounts too low, or too picky? Maybe. But the principle is not necessarily a bad one.

    And I think a lot of Americans are very nervous about their Supreme Court's recent decision that says the corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals, so there can be no spending limits on corporations' political activities. The US is already run by big money interests; this will make it worse, if possible.

    BTW the Brazlian courts suspended its no-jokes law a couple of months ago, so it did not apply to the recent election (second stage at the end of the month). Maybe that's how a (professional) clown got elected in Sao Paolo.