This month in Canadian Lawyer (August 2009)

  • Camille Toews
    But look at those at the top of the food chain - $900000.00
    And how much is shelled out for the classy office, the girls to serve coffee,and all the golf games, charitable donations, etc.
    You wouldn't be ENTITLED to those things as a plumber (although you'd still be shovelling a bit of the same stuff)
    And - how many plumbers are politicians? Sure there are teachers, but really - how much more prestige and power do you weild as a lawyer. . who else makes $300 & more an hour off of a will, or an accident claim.
  • Good grief

    C. McLeod
    Apparentlyh most of these lawyers could make more being plumbers, or teachers with almost three months vacation, full benefits and a good retirement package.
  • Camille Toews
    If you want to be a plumber or teacher, & you have a law degree, go for it - only takes a year at community college to be a plumber - & teacher's college would probably let a few of college credits go through to get you by in no time. Heck, when I worked as a waitress in a busy bar, I made more than $60 000.00 one year - and paid very little tax on MOST of my income. No studying, and lots of fun. Even had people buy me shots on the job. Oh to be young & tireless again. . .