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October 17, 2016
Distribution agreements help with product liability claims
Direct and indirect sales Typically businesses either choose to sell their products directly to customers or indirectly through distributors. The critical difference between the two channels is that in the former, the business enters into a sales contract directly with its own customer. In the latter, the supplier sells the product to the distributor and the distributor in turn enters into its own sales contract with the end customer. There is no privity of contract between the supplier and the d
October 17, 2016
Defence counsel hit hardest by antiquated court processes
The wheels of our criminal justice system move slowly — and the wheels should move slowly. Justice must be dispensed carefully and deliberately since mistakes can destroy lives. But a deliberative process is too often a convenient and lazy excuse for dependence on antiquated processes — our justice system is stuck in the 1980s. If you don’t believe me, let me send you a fax of my casebook.
October 17, 2016
Adopting data analytics a critical part of success
The practice of law is changing. Technology and data analytics are penetrating one of the last remaining professions that had, until recently, escaped the disruption that these new ways of doing business and practising law bring. Soon, the unfettered discretion of the general counsel to operate his or her legal department will come to an end. It is the responsibility and obligation of all in-house and private practice counsel to make sure they ride this wave, as otherwise there is a very good cha
October 17, 2016
Bad vibrations: Sex toy class action comes to Canada
While those of us who follow the growth of the Internet of Things have become somewhat inured to the privacy and security concerns associated with smart meters, networked entertainment systems, refrigerators and autonomous cars, a recent U.S. class action has presented something entirely new to stress about: “smart” sex toys.

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October 2016 • Volume 40, Issue 10


    • Subtitle Cross Examined
    Written by Mallory Hendry
    Issue Date: October 2016
    Candy Palmater says she learned some valuable lessons in her journey from practising law to being a high-profile comedienne


  • Written by Jim Middlemiss
    Issue Date: October 2016
    Sidney Green’s fight with the Manitoba Law Society has become the most expensive continuing education course that he never took.
  • Written by Tim Wilbur
    Issue Date: October 2016
    Our cover story this month is on the federal process for appointing judges, and as several experts told us, it is a highly secretive process. But the fact it lacks transparency is not really the biggest problem — it is the lack of diversity once the judges are picked.
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Bad vibrations: Sex toy class action comes to Canada
Adopting data analytics a critical part of success @GarciaGFernando

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