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Ab Initio
July 27, 2015
Need for change inspires future lawyers
I was recently struck by the slightly defiant social media activity of some fellow law school students. On Canada Day, a few expressed embarrassment at the country’s state of law making and governance rather than pride.
July 27, 2015
Video: Making Rain: It's ok to be quiet
This month, executive coach Debra Forman challenges you to balance your urge to always hear your voice and speak your mind with choosing and embracing the right moment to keep quiet.
July 27, 2015
Refocus your summer
It is so peaceful here. Oops, sorry, my cellphone is ringing. Be right back.
The Immigration Line
July 27, 2015
Foreign students left out under new system
The Pan American Games have been amazing. For those of us in Toronto, the Games have given us an opportunity to showcase our city, show pride in our country, and celebrate the myriad countries around the world where many of us hail from.
July 27, 2015
Legal panel aims to update Ontario’s business laws
In an effort to make Ontario a more competitive business jurisdiction, a panel of legal experts has made recommendations to review outdated business legislation in the province.

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July 2015 • Volume 39, Issue 7


    • Subtitle Cross Examined
    Written by Marg. Bruineman
    Issue Date: July 2015
    When Vassilios Apostolopoulos had fallen to the lowest depth of his life, he didn’t have to go back to law, after all he had made mistakes, given up practising, and been disbarred. He could have chosen to take other routes on the road to rebuilding his life. He had other…


  • Written by Philip Slayton
    Issue Date: July 2015
    My latest project is Abella! It’s a rock musical about the Supreme Court of Canada, featuring Rosie Abella, its most interesting and colourful justice. There will be singing and dancing. “It’s madness,” the editor of this magazine told me. I don’t think so. I’m just going down the path laid…
  • Written by Gail J. Cohen
    Issue Date: July 2015
    A few weeks ago, I went to the very-well attended launch of LegalX, a new law-focused innovation hub at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. The event, held in the airy and inviting atmosphere of MaRS, attracted many of the familiar faces of the New Law movement in Canada. LegalX…
Ian Holloway reappointed Dean of Law @UCalgaryLaw #lawschool
New SCC justice is Alberta's Russell Brown
RT @3mendous: Read this for clue as to possible reason why #Harper picked Justice Russell Brown for Cdn Supreme Court appt:
RT @LegalFeedsblog: New blog post: Lawyers file second complaint over police actions against Edmonton defence counsel
The Canadian Lawyer Daily is out! Stories via @jasonmoyse @Canadianmags @lawyerist

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