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on July 7, 2014
Seizing opportunity
I survived the LSAT and even made it to Western University, but I had no idea the real challenge would be securing an articling position in the aftermath of a global economic recession. It has been called the “articling crisis,” though in every crisis lies opportunity and the future is bright.
Ab Initio
on June 30, 2014
Balancing scholarship and activism
When I began law school, I had a plan to succeed. Warned of the arduous grind of reading, I was intent on studying with razor-sharp focus. No distractions. No extracurricular. Away from home, it would be all school, all the time.
Law School Futures
on June 16, 2014
Cracks showing in national recognition of common law degrees
In the spring of 1963, Bob Jarvis graduated with an LLB from the University of Alberta. He moved to Ontario and wanted to enter the Law Society of Upper Canada’s bar admission program. He was informed his University of Alberta LLB did not satisfy the LSUC’s education requirements for entry into the program.

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Spring 2014, Volume 9 • Issue 1
    • Subtitle Cover Story
    Written by Zachary Pedersen
    Issue: Spring 2014
    Students enrolled in Lakehead University’s new law program will be able to practise law after completing just three years of…
  • Written by Marg. Bruineman
    Issue: Spring 2014
    A prospective law school student has many options in Canada.
    • Subtitle Q & A
    Written by Zachary Pedersen
    Issue: Spring 2014
    Gail Wong, director of McCarthy Tétrault LLP’s student program for the Ontario region, talks to 4Students assistant editor Zachary Pedersen…
    • Subtitle Lucy Costa wants to change perceptions of mental illness.
    Written by Vawn Himmelsbach
    Issue: Spring 2014
    Madness isn’t just a label or a category. And Lucy Costa wants to change our perception of what “mad” actually…
    • Subtitle Ryerson University and the University of Ottawa to deliver Ontario’s other options for becoming a lawyer.
    Written by Zachary Pedersen
    Issue: Spring 2014
    Until now, all Ontario lawyers had to complete the traditional articling process before being called to the bar. But last…
    • Subtitle A fulfilling career doesn’t always have to start with a traditional law firm job.
    Written by Yamri Taddese
    Issue: Spring 2014
    Bay Street law firm jobs may be hard to come by, but there might be other places that will let…
    • Subtitle The Pros and Cons
    Written by Zachary Pedersen
    Issue: Spring 2014
    Practising in the 905, in Saint John, N.B., Aboriginal Law, Family Law
    • Subtitle Students' Page
    Written by Zachary Pedersen
    Issue: Spring 2014
    Steven Hansen is a third-year law student at the University of Alberta. Each year, the school holds a cabaret music…
    • Subtitle Editor's Desk
    Written by Gail J. Cohen
    Issue: Spring 2014
    You have to be *#$?% kidding me!
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