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December 1, 2015
Video: Beauty gurus in law
“Become your own beauty guru” is the name of the most recent networking event held for young female lawyers in Toronto by Young Women in Law.
November 30, 2015
Video: Making Rain: Hit your mark
In this month’s Making Rain, executive coach  Debra Forman challenges you to elevate your clients’ trust in your efforts and to personally undertake actions to further increase your effectiveness and trustworthiness.
Ab Initio
November 30, 2015
Are we doing enough to optimize the student body’s mental health?
I was recently struck by a bold Facebook status from a fellow 3L, Stacey Merrigan. On Oct. 14, she wrote:

Current Issue

November/December 2015 • Volume 39, Issue 11
    • Subtitle Cover Story
    Written by Mark Cardwell
    Issue Date: November 2015
    Lu Chan Khuong is one tough cookie. Three days and 21 interviews after her resignation from the top job at…
    • Subtitle Legal Report: Criminal & Forensics
    Written by Yamri Taddese
    Issue Date: November 2015
    Forensic DNA testing often conjures up an image of technicians armed with pipets, looking gravely into mysterious blue fluids, and…


    • Subtitle Cross Examined
    Written by Michael McKiernan
    Issue Date: November 2015
    Looking for an unscrupulous lawyer to help you bypass some bureaucratic red tape? Gambled away the firm’s money on a dodgy tip? Accidentally sexually harassed an underling? Maybe deliberately? You need Bad Legal LLP, the straight-talking law firm taking the Canadian legal world by storm on Twitter.


  • Written by Dera J. Nevin
    Issue Date: November 2015
    In January 2011, I wrote “Taming e-discovery anxiety.” In the five years since, I have written 29 articles to de-mystify e-discovery and provide a language and common framework to improve general understanding of the basic process and mechanics of e-discovery. Generally, the source of my inspiration was questions from readers…
  • Written by Gail J. Cohen
    Issue Date: November 2015
    "Get naked and be a pig.” You’re not going to get much more vivid advice from an in-house client on what their expectations for service are.
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Video: Beauty gurus in law #younglawyers
Finding of fraud prompts B.C. Securities Commission to levy $1-million fine #cdnlaw via @FindlawCanada
InHouse news: ‘Most powerful women’ striking a balance in their careers
Video: Making Rain: Hit your mark #bizoflaw

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