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September 15, 2014
Xerox legal ‘leans’ on law firms for diversity statistics
Law firms who want to do business with Xerox Corp. Ltd. are well advised to complete its survey asking about the diversity of lawyers in their firms. If a firm fails to complete the survey three times, it will be eliminated from Xerox’s roster of legal providers.
Trial by Fire
September 15, 2014
Be present, practise better
This is a column I’ve been meaning to write for some time, and since the fall is usually my busiest time of year, there’s no time like the present. Which is sort of the point of this article: how mindfulness, meditation, and “being present” has benefited my law practice.
September 15, 2014
LAWS’ first graduate to attend law school, a win for access to justice
Ten years ago, Ron Daniels, then-dean of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, realized attending law school was a privilege. For him, bringing more diverse students into law school was an access to justice issue, and to help the community and encourage diversity, something needed to be done to reach out — especially in high schools where students were struggling to graduate.
September 15, 2014
How to break into the field of health law
I was fortunate to be able to enter the field of health law as a law student; most are not so lucky. As such, I meet with students and junior lawyers regularly to discuss health law and how to get into the field. It is my way of paying my good luck forward.
Definitely Mabey
September 15, 2014
Client focused cost controls
Centers of excellence“Canadian lawyers typically don’t compete by reducing their own costs — that type of competitive advantage is lost on them. Gowlings seems to be the lone Ontario exception as they opened operations in Hamilton, Ont. (quite some time ago) for reasons that must be related to costs savings. There still seems to be a notion that moving non-legal or even legal functions to low-cost centres is not the Canadian way.” — Mitch Kowlaski, Sept. 13, 2012
The IT Girl
September 15, 2014
The view from over the pond
On June 26, the European Commission published its “Cloud Service Level Agreement Standardisation Guidelines,” representing a first step in creating a set of service level agreement standardization guidelines for cloud service providers and B2B customers that meet the specific requirements of the European cloud market and hopefully beyond.

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September 2014 • Volume 38, Issue 9
    • Subtitle How do we get more diversity on the bench when there’s no transparency in the appointments process?
    Written by Stephen Lautens
    Issue Date: September 2014
    As far as political firestorms go, Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s June was slightly hotter than most. It began innocently enough…
    • Subtitle Top Western & Northern Firms
    Written by Arshy Mann
    Issue Date: September 2014
    Canadian Lawyer returns to our survey of western and northern-based firms to find a region filled with excitement and not…
    • Subtitle Legal Report: Mining Law
    Written by Janet Guttsman
    Issue Date: September 2014
    A landmark ruling on aboriginal land rights will open the door to more title claims, possible slowdowns in mining and…


    • Subtitle Tech Support
    Written by Dera J. Nevin
    Issue Date: September 2014
    Toronto-based law firm specializing in document review was acquired by an accounting firm; the acquiring company disclaims that document review is legal work. Similarly, many companies that are not law firms now offer “legal” document review as a service.
    • Subtitle Cross Examined
    Written by Elizabeth Thompson
    Issue Date: September 2014
    Sitting in a courtyard next to Yuk Yuk’s comedy club in Ottawa, Jessica Salomon was reflecting on the differences between her old career and her new one — how helping prosecute war criminals in The Hague is easier than stand-up comedy. “I wish I could say that facing war criminals…


    • Subtitle Editor's Desk
    Written by Gail J. Cohen
    Issue Date: September 2014
    The Canadian Bar Association released its report on the future of the legal profession last month. It is absolutely worth the time to read the whole thing (which is at The report’s full title: “Futures: Transforming the delivery of legal services in Canada” gives you a pretty broad hint…
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RT @bobtarantino: to public scrutiny + involvement, the "reform" is to... shunt it to unaccountable appointed committees 2/2
RT @bobtarantino: I always find it funny how timid, even retrograde, suggested reforms of the SCC appointment process are; instead of openi…

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