Sarah Adler

Sarah Adler

Sarah Adler is an experienced Lawyer and Legal Operational Consultant.  She focuses on developing operational structures which address the overwhelming demands of modern legal practice. She can be contacted at 

Revolutionizing the response to failure: a post-error action plan for law firms

Have you ever been involved in the blame game? When something goes tragically wrong on a file and everyone is so scared of the fallout that they start finger pointing?

The difference between a manager and a leader

Leading a law firm is a difficult task. It requires expert legal knowledge, business acumen and people skills. These aspects of the job require different skills and the ability to bring all three into a unified perspective. This can be done by fully understanding both your role as a leader and your organizational purpose, and these will act as a focusing lens as you move your organization forward.

Fix the human experience at law firms to save time and money

They say that justice is blind, but law firm operations shouldn’t be. We talk, through articles and CLEs, about the challenges with talent retention, but it seems that we stop at stating the issue and don’t take time to understand the employee’s experience and address the causes. Often, the issue is the elusiveness of time.