Michael Spratt

Michael Spratt

Michael Spratt is a certified criminal law specialist and partner at the Ottawa criminal law firm Abergel Goldstein & Partners. He has served as a director of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and as vice president of the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa. He is an award-winning blogger co-host of the legal and political podcast The Docket. He frequently appears as an expert witness before the House of Commons and the Senate. Check more of his work at michaelspratt.com and on Twitter @mspratt.

We need to stop ballooning police budgets across Canada

As crime continues to decrease, police spending should not keep going up, argues Michael Spratt

When an acquittal can mean no warm clothes to protect from winter’s chill

Funding to provide basic short-term services to inmates being released will keep everyone safe

Solitary confinement is a form of torture

Government’s Bill C-83 has not ended prolonged administrative segregation in our prisons, writes Michael Spratt

The U.S. justice system is broken

Politically motivated judicial appointments contrast with Canadian system, says Michael Spratt

Chalking on sidewalks is not a crime

Police target activists, people of colour in chalking detentions, says Michael Spratt

Why body cameras for police are a bad idea

Money spent on police cameras means less for crime prevention, social supports, police education

Ontario’s plan to build new prisons is wrongheaded

We don’t need new jails or bigger jails; we need better and smaller jails, argues Michael Spratt

Morneau should watch his back in light of RCMP investigation

The next time Morneau gives testimony may well be at his own criminal trial, says Michael Spratt

Police require more training in Charter rights

Police are ignorant of limits of their powers and scope of civil liberties, writes Michael Spratt

Police wrong to detain anti-racism protesters

Heavy-handed actions of Toronto police continue abuse of racialized peoples, argues Michael Spratt