Michael Spratt

Michael Spratt

Michael Spratt is a certified criminal law specialist and partner at the Ottawa criminal law firm Abergel Goldstein & Partners. He has served as a director of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association and as vice president of the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa. He is an award-winning blogger co-host of the legal and political podcast The Docket. He frequently appears as an expert witness before the House of Commons and the Senate. Check more of his work at michaelspratt.com and on Twitter @mspratt.

Canada can – and should – facilitate release of the Two Michaels

Government can stop the extradition proceedings of Meng Wanzhou if it wants to, says Michael Spratt

Racism in Canada is real, despite the deniers

Our justice system and law enforcement are systemically racist, argues Michael Spratt

COVID-19’s profound impact on justice

Trials are being cancelled when they could be conducted remotely, argues Michael Spratt

Cuts to Legal Aid Ontario will be obvious post-pandemic

Ontario’s premier should make good his promise and guarantee legal aid, says Michael Spratt

The government’s hypocrisy around COVID-19

Jails are not safe for inmates and courts must recognize this for detentions, writes Michael Spratt

How will courts function after COVID-19?

It is time to start planning for the future, and it can’t be business as usual, says Michael Spratt

COVID-19 and the state

The pandemic should not be an excuse to unreasonably curtail civil liberties, says Michael Spratt

COVID-19 and Ontario’s courts

Soon the hard work will begin to prepare for a post-COVID-19 justice system, says Michael Spratt

Opioid crisis lends weight to argument for decriminalization

Decriminalizing possession of small amounts would mean users not treated as criminals, says Spratt

Peter MacKay's record on the justice file should be enough to lose him the leadership bid

A reminder of his legacy as justice minister, from Michael Spratt